The Color of the Day

By Nitin Hariyani

The Color of the Day

You may or may not know that colors can make you feel happy, sad, calm or energetic. Psychologists have actually completed scientific studies to determine if some colors can calm hyperactivity, for instance, or if certain patterns can calm the mind. However, there is now some discussion regarding the The Color of the Day of the week and the purpose behind them astrologically and culturally speaking. 

Culturally ,many people worldwide are coming to realize that the colors they surround themselves with can affect how they feel. Some people may believe that they have a lucky color, so they may wear that color to such things as job interviews.  Other’s wear their favorite football team colors to games, so as you can see, there are many reasons why colors play an important role in everyday life.

color of the day

The Color of the Day Suggestions

Days Ruler Color Meaning
Sunday Sun Red Excitement, Adventure, Anger, Strength
Monday moon White/ Yellow Happiness, Competence
Tuesday Mars Pink Love, Romance, Sincerity, Sophistication
Wednesday Mercury Green Health, Good Taste, Tranquility, Envy
Thursday Jupiter Orange/Yellow Enthusiasm, Heat, Creativity, Warmth
Friday Venus Blue Inspiration, Stability, Wisdom, Corporate
Saturday Saturn Purple/Black Sophistication, Power, Elegance, Authority

List : Color of the day

  1. Sunday - Sunday's color is Red. Red is the color of vibrancy and confidence. Some shades of red can be worn to job interviews, or parties depending on how much the wearer wants to stand out.
  2. Monday - Monday’s color is White, though people who fast also wear White on this day. White is supposed to be the color of purity, and this is why some brides wear white. However, over recent years other off-white colors have also come into fashion. Monday is also associated with the Moon and colors linked to it are silver, light gray or blue.
  3. Tuesday - Pink is the color linked with Tuesday. In ancient times, Tuesday was linked to the god of Mars, which is known as the god of war and the angry planet. People believed that wearing pink would appease the spirits, and over time it has become a feminine color, and often depicted as the color of love.
  4. Wednesday - Green is the color of the day for Wednesday. It is also linked to the planet Jupiter. Many cultures see green as the color of life and renewal. In today’s color guideline, green is a grounding color and can brighten rooms depending on the color used.
  5. Thursday - Thursday Color is Orange or People wear Orange and Yellow color on this day. Yellow and orange are considered a happy and sunny color. It brings light into sometimes gloomy days.
  6. Friday - Friday color is Blue or People wear light blue color also on this day. Light blue or Sky blue color shows depth and stability. These Friday colors also show inner strength.
  7. Saturday - Saturday color is Purple or Black. Wearing purples is considered regal or royalty. When you decorate with this color, you may want to use various shades from lilac to deep purples, since it can become overpowering.


When you are thinking of wearing or decorating your home with certain colors, you have to remember a couple of things. You can change your clothes but, you cannot change the color of your walls that easily. There are variations for the the color of the day based on which source you choose to follow. Maybe the best suggestion is to find the color you like the best and use pops of color rather than using it everywhere. The vast majority of Americans, however, do not acknowledge the wearing of colors for each day of the week but base it more on how comfortable you feel with a color, and how it accents or detracts from your appearance. There are much more to read about color of the month, color of different months such as January Colors, May Colors, etc.

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  • Nice message

  • I like the idea of having a color that can change my mood 😉

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