18 Inch Bed Skirts

Buy an 18-inch bed skirt and get up to flat 20% off on your first order. Use Coupon Code "AANYA20" to Avail of the Offer Now. We offer 8 to 18-inch drop bed skirts and 18 inch to 22 inches drop bed skirts. 

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  • White Bed Skirt Solid (Bliss 400 Thread Counts)

    White Bed Skirt The white bed skirt solid bliss is a delightful, simplistic trimmed valance that easily fits into any bedroom thanks to its minimalist style. It is made with...
    From $97.99
  • White Wrap Around Bed Skirt Solid Comfy Sateen

    Comfy White Wrap Around Bed Skirt  Aanya Linen offers solid White Wrap Around Bed Skirt comfy sateen which has a classic and elegant look. A cascade of ruffles beneath the bed...
    From $81.99
  • Black bed skirt solid (Bliss 400TC)

    Black Bed Skirt Create an almost magical bedroom space with the black bed skirt solid bliss sateen piece. This 400 TC black color bliss was designed to mesmerize and add flair to your bed...
    From $97.99