Body Pillow Covers & Cases

  • This body pillow cover is soft and beautiful for your bedroom.
  • Available in Stripe and Solid Pattern and Comfy and Bliss with 300 and 400 Thread Count.
  • Available in almost all the colors like Moss, White, Black, Yellow, Lavender, Blue, Taupe, Chocolate, Ivory Sage, Burgundy, Wine, etc.
  • Size of pillowcases 20x54, 20 x 60 Inches.
  • Make your bed and bedroom beautiful with these 20 x 60 Body Pillow Cover.
  • The texture of the fabric is amazing.
  • Sleep well, wake fresh.
  • It gives you full-body support while you sleep.
  • These body pillowcase will last longer.
  • This body pillow case and body pillow cover are easy to wash.
  • These pillowcases are made from 100% cotton fabric hence it is environment-friendly.
  • We have an easy return, refund policies, and free shipping always.
  • Use coupon code at the checkout page and get a discount Up to 25% on all the bedding accessories.
  • We also offer custom body pillow cover cases with different sizes like 20 x 54, body pillow 20 x 60, body pillow 20 x 72, body pillow 20 x 48, and 20 x 52 body pillow cases.
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  • Lavender Body Pillowcase Solid Sateen Bliss

    Lavender Body Pillowcase Body pillows are all the rage right now.  Why not?  They give you full-body support while you sleep.  Helps to ease your aching back while keeping your...
    From $31.99
  • Yellow Body Pillow Cover Solid Comfy Sateen

    Yellow Body Pillow Cover Add some extra comfort to your body with our Yellow Body pillow Cover Solid Comfy Sateen. Aanya Linen uses smart design and technology to give you...
    From $24.99
  • Sateen Bodypillow Cover Comfy Solid Aqua Blue

    Solid Aqua Blue Body Pillow Cover  Pastel colors in a bedroom will always be appropriate. Especially when you want your bed linen to induce deep rest. This is how Aanya...
    From $24.99
  • Purple Body Pillow Cover Stripe Comfy Sateen

    Stripe Purple Body Pillow Cover Enjoy the excellence of purple body pillow cover stripe comfy sateen, Because it's created with the highest technology on the market and unique materials. This...
    From $24.99
  • Light Blue Body Pillowcase Solid Sateen Bliss

    Light Blue Body Pillowcase Sometimes we all have one of those nights when its nearly impossible to get comfortable in bed.  That is why many folks have traded in their...
    From $31.99
  • Taupe Body Pillowcase Solid Sateen Bliss

    Taupe Body Pillowcase What a great opportunity to choose a myriad of color for your round bed.  This 2-piece set contains all you need for your body pillows. This Taupe...
    From $31.99
  • Stripe-Body Pillow-Cover 20"x 54" Sateen Gold

    Gold Stripe Body Pillow Cover 20"x 54" The covers are very important because they protect your pillows from dust, stains, and fungi. The Stripe-Body Pillow-Cover 20 "x 54" Sateen Gold...
  • Stripe-Body Pillow-Cover Sateen Moss

    Moss Stripe Body Pillow Cover  Try the excellent quality of the Sateen Moss Stripe-Body Pillow-Cover. Made of 100% Sateen cotton you can sleep like an angel all night. Its resistance...
    From $24.99
  • Stripe-Body Pillow-Cover Sateen Black

    Black Stripe Body Pillow Cover  A pillow is not complete without its cover. And it must be a cover that represents your entire bed. That's why you need to add...
    From $24.99
  • Stripe-Body Pillow-Cover Sateen Burgundy

    Burgundy Stripe Body Pillow Cover  Enjoy the freshness that your skin deserves with the incredible pair of pure cotton pillowcases. You do not find anything similar anywhere else. Dare to...
    From $24.99
  • Sage Body Pillow Cover Stripe Comfy Sateen

    Sage Stripe Body Pillow Cover Sleeping is one of the most rewarding things in the world. We deserve to sleep well. With these 300 threads, sage body pillow covers stripe comfy sateen...
    From $24.99
  • Light Grey Body Pillow Cover Solid Bliss Sateen

    Light Grey Body Pillow Cover Are you suffering from lower back pain?  You need to try out a light grey body pillow cover 20"x 54" solid bliss sateen from Aanya Linen....
    From $31.99
  • Red Body Pillow Cover Solid Comfy

    Red Body Pillow Cover The red body pillow is an accessory that substantially improves the quality of our sleep. It is also an ornament that decorates your room. With those...
    From $24.99
  • Purple Body Pillow Cover Solid Comfy Sateen

    Purple Body Pillow Cover Do you need pelvic or lumbar support? Purple body pillow covers solid comfy sateen from Aanya Linen is the best option for you. It will help you...
    From $24.99
  • Chocolate Body Pillow Case Solid Bliss Sateen

    Chocolate Body Pillow Case Glide into the world of brown chocolatey goodness with the chocolate body pillowcase solid bliss sateen. Feel the soft, smoothness of the waves of brown. Made...
    From $31.99
  • Cream Body Pillow Cover Solid Bliss Sateen

    Cream Body Pillow Cover It's time to make a change in your life with the wonderful products of Aanya Linen. This time we offer you the cream body pillow cover...
    From $31.99
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