July Colors

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July Colors : 2023

July Colors

Officially Red, Green, and Russet are July Colors. Red is a color of violence, danger, and love that represents fire, boldness, power, ire, and battle. Green is a color of nature and life that represents environment, freshness, and harmony. Russet is a color of sorrow or seriousness that represents grave seriousness. 

List of July Colors

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Russet


Red provokes the strongest emotions of any color. Red makes you feel passionate and activated. The red color is imbued with great symbolic power. It is the most dynamic color It is associated with the meaning of love, war, courage, vigor, and anger, Red color can and will revitalize your home and surroundings.


Green is the color of spring nature and rebirth, It is a symbol of prosperity, joy & progress. The green color is calming and stress relieving. It is associated with growth, positivity, taking action, freshness, and harmony are those emotions that are associated with green color. People use this color in their homes to create a calming, positive, and refreshing environment. We can have multiple shades in green as well but for July colors green is the color.


The russet color is associated with sorrow or grave seriousness, humility, and poverty it is also the color of strength and power. Russet color is symbolic of change, hope, and renewal. People use this color in their homes to make a positive environment and a deep connection among their family and close ones.

July Birthstone and Color of July Birthstone

Ruby is the birthstone for JULY. Ruby gemstone is considered the source of positive energy, which is vital to every soul. Ruby is the  “King of Precious Stones”. It is the most adored and rarest element on the Earth. Which is associated with wealth and prosperity. The color of Rubies Gemstones is deep red. Ruby represents Good fortune, courage, and wealth. It is a myth that some humans believed that rubies contained drops of Mother Earth's blood. It is believed that ruby can improve blood circulation and can cure people's eyesight problems. People Believe that ruby Builds professional excellence & goodwill, As well as it Ensures mental peace & emotional healing and this is why the July birthstone is said to be a precious and beautiful gemstone. 

July Birth Flower

Every flower has a meaning and can convey certain feelings, emotions, thoughts, or frames of mind to the recipient. The July birth flowers are the larkspur (delphinium) and the water lily.

  1. Larkspur: Larkspur flowers bloom in the spring. Larkspur flowers can grow extremely tall. It requires support to remain upright and to avoid turning. Larkspur is associated with love, Joyful mood, hope, and cheerfulness. larkspurs come in a broad range of intense colors like indigo, blue, purple, and white. Blue Larkspur flowers are the symbol of mercifulness and respectability. Purple larkspur flowers reflect the first love. Whereas Purple symbolizes royalty, power, strength, and aspiration. and White blooms represent happiness, delight, youth, and a can-do attitude to life.
  2. Water Lily: Water Lily is another Birth Flower for July. The water lily is associated with this summer month. Grown in tropical and mild climate zones, the water lily comes in various variety shapes and sizes, Water lily flower symbolizes rebirth, mental transformation, creation, rejuvenation, and purity. It is the perfect floral gift for someone who born in July.

July Color for Wedding

  1. Pink: The pink color is the perfect color for an elegant hall wedding with a perfect theme, Pink color set a bright ambiance for the wedding. Pink is a very popular and romantic color for a wedding. When you wear a pink shade dress at a wedding it will surely give you a stunning look. 
  2. Yellow: Yellow color is the vibrant wispy color to wear to a summer wedding. Yellow is the color of happiness and hope, the color is associated with light, and this color is overflowing with positivity and excitement. The yellow color will create a light full and luminous atmosphere at the wedding.
  3. Orange:Orange is also an amazing wedding color for summer weddings. The orange color is fit for a camp-styled wedding for the vintage couple. At wedding you can see that orange color floral decorations give an elegance to the decoration, Orange is the most vibrant summer wedding color.
  4. Sky Blue:Sky blue colors set an atmosphere of freedom and richness. Sky blue gives the most attractive look to the wedding, Sky blue color gives a neutral tone and cheerful attention to the whole environment in the wedding.
  5. Navy Blue: Navy blue color is the most trendy and hot wedding color. This color will perfectly match with warmer pastel tones such as peach, orange, and pink. It looks stunningly nice when combined with burgundy, green, white, and grey.
  6. Burgundy: Burgundy color is classy wedding color which you can wear in any season and in summer it will give you a most attractive and stunning look, This color can be easily combined with any other colors to make your day stand out. The burgundy color  palette will make the wedding sophisticated and soft.
  7. Gold: Gold is also a good choice for weddings because it is an ever-green color that you can use whenever you want. For any kind of party, you can choose to utilize gold color dresses.

Combinations of Colors for July;

  1. Red and Green
  2. Red and Russet
  3. Green and Russet
  4. Red, Green and Russet
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