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By Nitin Hariyani

Color of Each Month - 2024

Color of each month with diamonds

There are times when just about everyone is in the mood for a makeover. That includes you and your bedroom as well. Some individuals just pick out colors that they like, while the more chic among us like to change things up by using the color of the month or color of the season to decorate their homes. In this article, we are going to explore what colors fit what seasons or what Color of The Month can mean to the comfortable livability of your home.

What is the Color of the Month?

Just like some folks believe in numerology or horoscopes, there are people who believe that the color of the month can affect their lives in either positive or negative ways. Clinical studies have shown that some colors, such as those found in the blue family, can make a person feel calm and centered. Other studies have shown that those colors in the red family draw attention to something, which can either be welcomed or not, depending on the situation.

Not surprisingly, for instance, the color for the last part of December and first of January is red, which is not only considered a seasonal color for Christmas but can also brighten the mood and make the environment feel warmer in the cold darker days of winter.

If you are not into changing your accessories every month to the color of the month, perhaps the color of the season would be more suitable to you and your lifestyle. Spring colors are light and airy like when the weather turns warmer and flowers start to bloom. Summer is the darker shades of spring, but also includes reds and whites and vibrant shades of grass green, etc. Fall enhances the colors of falling leaves, with browns and golds.  Finally, winter can go from grey to maroon to teal, depending on individual tastes. Find the color of each month in the following table.

List of Color of Each Month




Dark Red, Dark Blue, Blue


Purple, Light Blue, Yellow


Light Blue and White


White, Yellow and Red


Green and Yellow


Light Purple, White, Cream


Russet, Red and Green


Orange, Light Green and Red


Brown and Dark Blue


Cerulean Blue, Pink, White


Yellow, Red


Blue, Greenish Blue, Indigo Green


By watching the list of the color of each month you can choose bedding form the large collection of Aanya Linen's bedding accessories by clicking here.

How to Change to the Color of the Month

Want to make your home inviting and season trendy? Don’t want to wreck the budget to do it? Then simply change out your accessories like bed linens, pillows, duvet covers or other decorative things. Using a base color that is compatible to just about any color of the palette will make the change over to the color of the month quick and easy.

Pillow shams can be changed in the blink of an eye, plus it takes much less storage space for shams than entire pillows, right? The same can be said about Duvet covers. In reality, you can change the entire look and feel of your room with ease and very little time and money involved. 


The newest trend in home decor is changing rooms to the color of the month. While this may seem daunting, the key is to stop doing grandiose designs and realizing that simple changes, like adding pops of color in accessories, can change the entire look and feel of your home.

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  • Thanks For these suggestions, Loved this blog and everyone should read and apply as I think.

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