September Colors

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September Colors : 2023

September Colors

In everyday life, colors affect the perceptions and behaviors of mankind. People believe that color is too dependent on personal experiences to be connected to inner feelings and mood. The Color of each month is universally translated to specific feelings. If we talk about the color of September month; September colors are Dark Blue and Brown. Dark Blue is the primary color of September which symbolizes power, knowledge, seriousness, authority, and reliability. The Brown color is associated with stability, reliability, dependability, security, and safety. September month’s birthstone is Sapphire and flowers are Aster and Morning glory.

List of September colors for 2023

  1. Dark Blue: The Dark blue color is the primary color of September month. It is associated with depth, professionalism, stability, and knowledge. Dark blue color can create high-impact, vibrant designs; People often use Dark blue color bedding like Navy blue fitted sheets. Dark blue round sheet set to decorate their room because Dark blue color can adorn your bedding and room with elegance. And add a new and attractive look to your room.
  2. Brown:  The Brown color is associated with stability, reliability, dependability, security, and safety. Brown is also seen as the color of earth. Hence, people believe that the brown color is connected with the roots of nature. Brown color can and will revitalize your home and surroundings.

September Birthstone Colors

People who believe in colorology choose the color of the day according to their mood, belief, or zodiac sign. September is a very pleasant and perfect month. People really enjoy the spring climate and clear blue skies in September. September's birthstone is Sapphire. Sapphire is a precious gemstone. The Color of Sapphire Birthstone is a deep blue which is a variety of corundum. It is believed that the Sapphire gem Symbolises good fortune, virtue, holiness, and wisdom. And It is also thought that Sapphire stone begins faithfulness and sincerity In an Individual’s life this is why peoples oftenly use Sapphire gemstone in engagement rings.

September Birth Flowers

September birth flowers include two flowers, Aster and Morning glory. People born in September are lucky as they have two birth flowers.

  1. Aster: Aster flowers add color to the autumn while offering beauty with little work when caring for asters plants. The Alpine aster offers blooms in spring whereas growing asters plants often bloom in late summer and fall. 
  2. Morning glory: Morning glory is brightly colored trumpet-shaped flowers. Morning glory has a slight fragrance and is popular with hummingbirds and butterflies. Usually, morning glory occurs anywhere from May through September, opening in the morning and closing in the afternoon.

How to make your home cozy with September colors

It’s not necessary to have September colors in all the things. You can have September color in some parts of the home, like on the walls, curtains, bed sheets, comforter, cushions, and bedding accessories color can be set to brown or sapphire blue. Wind chimes and chandeliers can be of September colors. Table cloths and carpets can also be changed to September colors. See Also our October Colors and November Colors list. 

September Colors for Wedding

  1. Rich yellow and sapphire blue:  The bridesmaids should wear yellow, and the groomsmen should wear sapphire blue dresses or suits. Match these with pale pink boutonnieres for men: and pink,  blue, and yellow bouquets for the girls.
  2. Evergreen And Blush: You can set the tables with blush table napkins, table cloths, evergreen place cards, and a combination of tall centerpieces. Let the bridesmaids stun in blush dresses with evergreen and blush flower crowns and bouquets. The groomsmen should wear evergreen suits or dresses.
  3. Emerald And Gold: Emerald jewel tones create a romantic and sophisticated ambiance. The bridesmaids should wear an emerald gown with golden embroidery and the groomsmen should wear a golden suit or dress.
  4. Green And Maroon: The bridesmaids should wear a green gown with golden embroidery and the groomsmen should wear a maroon suit or dress with golden accessories to add a classy touch to their wedding ceremony.
  5. Crimson Red And Grey: The groomsmen should wear a grey suit or dress and the bridesmaids should wear a crimson red dress with golden accessories.
  6. Burgundy And Gold: The groomsmen should wear a golden suit with a maroon tie or dress while the bridesmaids should wear a burgundy dress with golden accessories with yellow flowers.

Combinations of Colors for September

  1. Navy Blue and Gold
  2. Brown and Beige
  3. Grey and Burnt Orange
  4. Deep Purple and Champagne
  5. Light Grey and Sage Green

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