Cotton Fibers

By Nitin Hariyani

Cotton Fibers

Cotton fibers grow in a boll around the cotton seeds. That bolls need to be harvested by a spindle picker or it is best to handpick them. Then seeds need to get separated from cotton lint, the process of separating them known as ginning. Cotton fiber's size ranges from 0.5 inches to 2.0 inches. Cotton Fibers is well known soft, smooth, highly absorbent, and flexible fabric. Cotton fibers are knitted to make cotton clothes. There are multiple types of cotton fibers you will read below. Cotton is a natural and biodegradable fabric hence it is environment friendly. Linen is generally compared to it but the use of cotton is much wider than cotton because of its property and availability.

Cotton Fibers

All kinds of fabrics are made by knitting fibers and there are several techniques of weaving them to make fabrics. In this blog, we will know about all kinds of cotton fibers, length of cotton fibers, extra-long-staple, Short staple cotton, etc. We will also look at what are the types of cotton and the natural colors of all kinds of cotton fibers. While knowing cotton fibers you will come to know why and which cotton is durable, absorbent, and smooth. 

Length of Cotton Fibers

In the above image, you can see, Sea Island and Pima cotton have the longest fibers that range from 0.5 inches to 2.0 inches. Other types of cotton’s fibers such as Upland cotton, Tree cotton, and Levant cotton are not that long in size. The length of the fibers makes the fabric strong. Cotton is known for its durability and absorbency but Egyptian and Pima cotton has extra-long-staple so they are stronger. Long fiber length gives more strength to the fabric that is why linen that has long fibers is more durable than cotton. Sea Island cotton, Pima cotton, and Acala fibers have white color naturally. Green Natural’s fiber color ranges from white to cream. The natural color of Cinnamon and Brown Pima is Brown. You can find several sheds of brown-colored cotton.

Use Of Cotton Fibers

Cotton is a widely used fabric. All over the world users of cotton exists. Cotton is not only used by us as clothes but also used by medical industries to make hygiene products for women. You might have heard the word purify cotton. It means pure cotton to use by doctors and hygiene products. Let’s see more uses of cotton;

  1. Cotton is the only fabric that is used to make clothes for children because cotton is soft and smooth.
  2. It is skin-friendly fabric so it is used to make clothes not only for children but for all age people.
  3. Table clothes, napkin, towels.
  4. Cotton is a breathable fabric so it is in demand of bedding manufacturer.
  5. Pharmaceutical companies also utilize cotton.
  6. Health care sector utilizes cotton.
  7. Decoration material such as curtains, carpets are made using cotton.

Types of Cotton

  1. Pima and Egyptian Cotton - Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton is also known as Extra-long-staple cotton. Pima and Egyptian cotton fiber length range from 0.5 to 2.0 Inches. They are native to South America. Both types of cotton share the same scientific name Gossypium Barbadense.
  2. Upland Cotton – The scientific name for the upland is Gossypium Hirsutum that is native to Central America and Mexico.
  3. Tree Cotton – The scientific name of tree cotton is Gossypium Arboreum that is native to India and Pakistan. India is the largest producer of tree cotton. India, Pakistan, and China are producing 80% of world tree cotton.
  4. Levant Cotton – Levant cotton is native to South Africa & Arabian Peninsula. The Scientific name for the Levant cotton is Gossypium Herbaceum.

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