What is Pima Cotton

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What is Pima Cotton

   You probably already know that the most common fiber and fabric used for bed sheets and other linens are cottons. But did you know there were different types of cotton?  If not, today we are going to discuss different types of cotton and specifically What is Pima Cotton.

What is Pima cotton

What is Pima Cotton? Different types of Cotton.

There are three main varieties of cotton.  Those are American upland, Pima and the ever-popular Egyptian. Only 3% of Pima cotton is grown in the United States. The differences in these types of cotton, other than where they are grown, is the length of the cotton fiber.

Pima cotton is also known as extra-long staple (ELS) and is mainly grown in Peru. It is the southwest of the United States and Australia. It is thought to be the superior blend of cotton. This is because of the long fibers and its ability to absorb liquids and its durability.

Egyptian cotton is grown—well, in Egypt, but it shares many similarities with Pima cotton and even has the same scientific name. Egyptian cotton thrives in the hot, and dry climate on the Nile Riverbank and valley.

What is the Difference?

What is Pima Cotton claims to fame? Well, the extra-long cotton fibers can be woven into softer and more durable fibers than the other items. This is the type of fabric you will find when you go into expensive and exclusive high-end hotels.  Laying on one of these sheet sets makes you want to stay there forever and luxuriate in the softness and smooth comfortable bed.

One thing to look for, if the label on a sheet set states ‘100 percent cotton’.Then you can say that it is most likely to be made from the American Upland cotton. This is the most widely used type of fiber used and can either be short to long staple length. Pima cotton’s fiber is approximately 50% longer than regular cotton fiber. The fiber measures between 1.4-2 inches in length.

The longer length of the fiber decreased the raw edges when the fibers are spun into thread. The thread is then woven into the fabric, and the result is a cotton that is so very soft to the touch and also lasts longer than standard cotton. Some people believe that it feels like silk when touch.

Conclusion for "What is Pima Cotton"

Today, we have looked at what is Pima cotton? We discovered that there are basically three types of cotton. A lot depends on where the cotton is grown.  A lot also depends on the length of the cotton fibers, and Pima cotton has more than double the length than the other two types.

Another difference is the cost of the material. Cotton of any type can be costly depending on its uses, but the grade of the cotton, like Pima, also affects its price. Pima is not so widely grown. The low availability can make the price go higher than expected. But, if you want a luxury sheet set, it is the way to go. Find more bedding tips at Aanya Linen's Blog.

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