Decorations for Rooms DIY

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Decorations for Rooms DIY

We all get inspired to change things in our homes sometimes. Maybe you are just tired of looking at that same colored wall paint, or the fabric on your furniture.  However, you don’t want to go to all the work and expense of doing a total redecoration project. Here a few tips that can add some pizazz decorations for rooms DIY. 

decorations for room diy

Decorations for Rooms DIY

Prior to starting crafting your fantasy DIY room, you’ll need to  accumulate Some stuffs. Stuffs depend on the project you are embarking on, Some basic stuffs you should have on hand are Multi Color Paint, Paint Brushes, Scissors,Super Glue,Craft Glue,Tape,Thread,Needle,Permanent Cardboard ,Clothespins,Drop Cloth Marker,

If You can have all these stuffs you can easily start your crafting without making a trip to the store.

The Dining Room

Tired of looking at those boring colors on your chairs? Why not add some slipcovers or some new and bolder looking pattern? Slipcovers are easy to make, especially the ones that will cover only part of the chair, like the back. They can be changed easily, like for holidays and special occasions and you won’t have to go to the expense of replacing them with new..

Make a Designer Tray to Organise small Belongings:

You could make a Designer tray to keep on your table or desk and you could put inside things like candles, wallet, small planters, keys, etc.  You can make this tray through a wooden box or cardboard and paint it beautifully. It will be super useful for family and great to have around. You can use them in a lot of ways, most often to store or to organise things.

Construct a Designer Pendant diy 
Construct a stylish glass pendant bulb for your dining room. To make it simply flip the terrarium over, drill a hole through the metal base to accommodate the bulb socket after that Fit the socket with the bulb, and hang upside down with a ceiling hook.


The Living Room

Here, you can add a new rug, new coffee table or slipcovers to your tired old sofa. Instead of hanging expensive artwork on the walls, you can find all sorts of shelving to display beloved pictures and trinkets, or collections of things to show off to your guests and bring back memories from times gone by.

Tin Can Planters

In every home tin can be easily available ,You can find it from your mom’s kitchen , your store room or from your dad’s garage. What you need to do for a fantasy DIY room  is just think innovative and start crafting. Pick the tin can and clean it carefully, then paint them with beautiful colors , cut it from the upper side or make & punch a few holes in the bottom. Fill it with soil and fertiliser and give your plant a new home, and you can place it near your fish tank or wherever  you want.

Decorations for rooms Diy

Redecorate you old lampshade

You can easily tune up the beauty of your old lampshade. Just believe on your crafting skill and just cut out a piece of designer fabric or paper in your lamp shade size then you need to paste it on the shade with glue. And your new lampshade is ready.

Hanging frame
You can pick your favorite print or picture paste it on cardboard or rigid paper then design a frame with wooden scale like object , paint the frame with multiple colors then attach it with every corner of  cardboard our you can simply use washi Tape for design a frame and hang them at your living rooms wall.It will surely enhance your living room’s look and gives a attractive look to your room decor and ambience.

Paint the stairs

Painting your home stairs is really a good Diy idea, so just Diy this using  multiple color to give a unique texture to stairs.

DIY Room Decor handmade door-mates

Making a doormat  on your own is a little time consuming but the results are awesome. You need to collect some old clothes, cut it in the shape you want, Design it according to you and stitch it carefully. Surely, it'll be the most versatile Diy project of yours.

The Bathroom

The bathroom can be one of the most costly renovations to make but if you are looking for decorations for rooms DIY, it can be one of the easiest. Change the wallpaper behind the toilet or paint it an accent color. One wall will not require removing anything if you choose the right one. 

You can change out the hardware too. Tired of the French provincial style toilet paper dispenser? Look for a rustic farm look. You can do the same with the towel racks if you wish. Many if not all home improvement stores offer a wide selection of bars and racks that can be changed without much hassle or hardware.  Something as simple as changing the toilet seat can give the room a whole new feel.

Diy Bucket as a container
The bathroom is not the most exciting room of the house but it can definitely look cool and feel welcoming if you put some effort into its design.You can design a Diy Bucket to manager your belongings.Take a bucket, apply glue on it and wrap the rope around it, and your Diy stuff container is ready, you can put your dirty clothes or whatever you want to kept in it.

Place ladder in your bathroom.

placing a ladder in your bath room is really a great idea , you can simply put it at any corner of bath room if you want you can paint it and use that for hanging up bath towel cloths etc.

customized laundry bags
You can make a customized Diy laundry bag , You just need to collect some old printed cloth like t-shirt or printed bed sheet and wooden board or plastic board , you have to glue one side of the board, then stick the scarp piece of cloth on the glue side of that board , you can also give unique design by using sewing machine its up to, you just need to use your creativity to design the most beautiful Diy laundry bags 



Diy Brush Holder

It is very simple project to construct a handmade brush holder, you can make it through any wooden box plaster box etc, you can stick the designer paper or colorful tape with the box, it will surely give a lovely texture to it.

The Kitchen

If you’re not careful, you can get into a free fall when it comes to renovating your kitchen. Don’t like that tile backsplash? There are many materials from concrete to tiles of different designs and textures to choose from. Changing cabinet doors can also give the kitchen a new and fresh look without having to replace the whole cabinet.

Need more space? There are free-standing units that can be placed for pantry storage that require little assembly or tools. You can also find a wide range of racks and shelves to help declutter all those pots and pans, plastic bowls and other things which tend to get stuffed in the back of the drawers.

Some Kitchen Diy Idea

Diy Cup stand
Add a feeling of warmth and comfort to your kitchen, Making a Diy Cup stand is a superb Idea. Display your favorite coffee mug in your kitchen corner or right next to the coffee machine or your gas stove just like a coffee bar.

Diy Labeled Jar

organize your pantry with labeled jar. It helps you to find your pantry Item easily, you can labeled them by sticking paper sticker over it or you can use paint pens to label them .

Conclusion Decorations for Rooms DIY

As you can see there are many simple Decorations for Rooms DIY that are relatively simple and inexpensive. If you are not DIY savvy, there are valuable resources online, or in stores that will walk you through the process—whatever one you choose—step by step. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. 

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