What is Beddings?

By Nitin Hariyani

What is Beddings?

what is beddings

This is the most common word "bedding" in our daily life and the most common question is what is bedding? The Simplest answer is that bedding is also known as Bed cover, Bed linen, and Bed Protector. This bedding is used to make people's sleeping hours comfortable, blissful, and relaxed. These beddings or bed linens are also known as accessories of beds, which are laid on the mattress of the beds. Why bedding is important because it is useful to protect your bed from dust, or any unhygienic affect. Some most important things about these bedding or bed linens are easily washable or cleanable and after washing them it becomes capable of lying on your bed again.

History of Beddings or Bed Linens

This is an interesting part of the history of bedding. Most probably around 3200 BC, Egyptian folks used soft cotton linens on their beds. This bedding protects their bed or surface where those peoples slept. These bed linens or beddings were widespread developed in Egypt. Over time this bedding has been changed as per the convenience of the people’s demands.

Some Important Notes about Bedding;

  • In the Roman kingdom beddings were decorated with different colors, paints and many types of jewels like silver, gold or diamonds, etc.
  • In the 18th century the Europeans starting to utilize a bed, which is made of iron frame.
  • In the American English language “bedding” word does not include Mattress, Boxspring mattress, or any mattress frames. It simply means different kinds of decorative bed linens, which include bed sheets or other bedding accessories.

Fabrics or Material That Should Use For Making Bedding;

  • Cotton: This is the common and most used fabric material to make your sleep comfortable, lovable beddings, or bed linens. Cotton is soft, delicate, or easily available material. Its durability makes your cotton bed linens long survival on your beds. Cotton bedding is skin-friendly and season friendly too.
  • Polyester: This material is also more popular in the bedding industry, because of its super shiny color quality peoples love to buy polyester beddings, and polyester fabric beddings are more durable as compared to cotton beddings. But this fabric is not so skin-friendly as the cotton fabric does.
  • Silk: This fabric is the highly expensive bedding or bed linens fabric that should be used by high-class bedding lovers. Silk bedding looks so classic and beautiful; its color is much shinier, smoother than cotton or polyester. In Royal family bedrooms this fabric bedding is suited in his castles.

Classification or Different Kinds of Bedding or Bed Linens:-

There are many different kinds of bedding like bed sheet, Comforter, Duvet, Bedspread, Bed Skirts, Coverlet, Pillow Cover, Quilt, Mattress, and many more. These bedding accessories come in many other varieties.

Bed Sheets: This bedding comes in lots of designs, Like Stripe Bed Sheets: - This bedding has a line of sheets which can bed Horizontal or vertical. This bed sheet called Stripe bee Sheets.

Solid Bed Sheets: These bed sheets do not have any kind of designs or lines on the sheets; it is plain and made with one color.

Comforter: Simply on a cold night, this comforter bedding items can be used to keep you warm or comfortable, this comforter can be filled with fluffy feathers, Cotton fibers, any kind of synthetic fibers. Comforter’s quality can be measured by its filling. The comforter can be made in different designs like Pinch or Pin-tuck comforter, Box Pattern Comforter, Solid Comforters' etc.

Duvet: Duvet is the lower version of a comforter that is not as much as warm as a comforter. This is made with two different sheets which are stitched together and filled with different kinds of fillings like synthetic fibers, wool fibers, etc. These duvet covers can be used in summer or rainy nights.

Bedspread: Basically, this bedding accessory is used to decorate, and cover your bed. These bedspreads have many designs on it which makes these bedspreads unique in looks; It is also used to avoid dust on your bed. This makes your bedroom elegant and fascinating.

Bed Skirts: This is the most favorite bedding accessories for women, it can hide anything under their beds and these bed skirts also prevents the dust that gets trapped under the bed. This bed skirt comes in many designs. Like Wrap around bed skirt, Ruffle bed skirts, Multi ruffle bed skirts, or Gathered bed skirts.

Coverlet: A coverlet is a sheet material like a bedspread that is lightweight, profoundly woven, and ornamental. By and large, a spread is utilized to improve and cover the bed. Spread resembles a layer, between a top sheet and duvet. This coverlet is basically used to cover your entire bed and from the bottom to the top of the bed.

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