How to fall asleep quickly?

By Nitin Hariyani

How to fall asleep quickly?

How to fall asleep quickly

In this blog, you will learn how to fall asleep quickly. Nowadays people have developed wrong; actually, worst habits and now they are trying to find peace in their life. People are sleeping for hours and still feel that they need some more sleep they don't feel relaxed even after sleeping many hours. Some people are not able to sleep even, not because they don't have time, they get enough time but they can't sleep on time. Closing your eyes doesn't mean that you are sleeping you need a deep sleep that gives proper treatment to your whole body. Have you ever heard about REM sleep? You need to know the importance of REM sleep. After meeting psychologists, doctors, and also great Indian Yogic Sadhus we come to know how to sleep, how to fall asleep quickly, and why is sleep important.

How to Fall Asleep Quickly - 16 Best Techniques


Military method was popularized by the U.S. army and was documented in Lloyd Bud Winter’s 1981 book RELAX AND WIN. In first few times this will may not help you but regular practice will make your prefect and then you will be able to fall asleep quickly. It may take six week practice but it really worth it. There are simple 6 steps that we follow in the method:

  1. Relax your entire face
  2. Drop your shoulders and hands
  3. Exhale and relax your chest
  4. Relax your legs
  5. Now clear your mind
  6. Try repeating the words “Don’t Think” for 10 seconds

2. 4-7-8 METHOD

Dr. Andrew Weil developed this 4-7-8 method. This simple and powerful method is based on breathing in a particular way to relax and calm you in a few minutes so it makes you fall asleep quickly. Practicing this, again and again, will help you fall asleep quicker. This method is better for anxiety. Things don't work unless you practice them. Follow simple four steps in order to achieve sleep quicker;

  1. Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds
  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds
  3. Exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds
  4. Repeat all three steps three times.

If you feel like you cannot hold your breath for 7 second you can reduce it to half of it, but you have to maintain its ration like 2-3.5-4 this way you can perform this method.


Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for the well-being of health. It is been used for centuries. There are multiple ways to use essential oils, many sleep studies are centered on inhalation aromatherapy. Essential oils (Basically Plant Extracts) it is made by steaming or pressing various parts of plants. When we inhale, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain. Essential oils are really good for people who are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, Depression, Low Appetite, and Dry Mouth. After aromatherapy, those who is not able to sleep will feel relaxed and will be able to have good sleep. 


Make a proper schedule to get a proper circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is a clock inside you that acts as per your routine for anything that happens in your life. Basically it is your own regulatory system. On the basis of how many hours of sleep do you need you can develop a proper schedule that way you will have sleep on time  and after completing your sleeping time you will get up fresh.


According to Sadguru (Yoga, Educational, and Spiritual Activist, Founder of Isha Foundation Coimbatore, India), & Baba Ramdev (Proponent of Yoga and Ayurveda, Brand Ambassador for Patanjali Ayurved, Famous Yoga Guru in India) how to fall asleep quickly? Practicing yoga and meditation every day is most important thing we should do every morning. Performing these activities our body gets fit and becomes more energetic than ever. It helps our body to relax and makes us mindful. If you feel that you can’t sleep we suggest you empty your mind, don’t think anything, and concentrate on between your both closed eyes. This will relax and will help you to sleep quickly.


We suggest not following unnecessary naps that are more than 20-30 minutes. People sleep more than 2-3 hours every day in the afternoon and then say they can’t fall asleep quickly. This is not the way we should do us. Naps are to refresh not to have long rest. Until you are sick and not on bed rest don’t sleep so much during day time this will ruin your night sleep schedule.


In research, it is proven that if you are stressed and don’t feel ok with your current situation. If you go to bed, close your eyes visualize good thoughts, you will sleep faster. Instead of thinking about bad happening to you choose this method while sleeping.


Listen to music that makes you feel relaxed. If you feel relaxed you are more likely to sleep faster. This is simple psychology, relax your mind and body, make yourself lightheaded and then try to sleep it will help you sleep faster.


It is nice for us to exercise daily. There is an old saying that a sound mind lives in a sound body. You have to work out every day to achieve a good health that will help you to achieve a good sound mind that will help you sleep better. It will also increase your self confidence. You will feel energetic and will make you a mindful personality who can win. It will lead you to get everything that you need and will make you sound soul that sleep peacefully and easily.  


This is very important to us to sleep in a right posture. Also you need proper bedding accessories that will help you achieve a good faster sleep. Sleeping in a right posture is good for your health also. Your Food get digest properly and if you sleep in right posture you will not harm your backbone yourself. Lot of people chooses to sleep in wrong posture and unknowingly they suffer just because of lack of information. Making yourself comfortable doesn’t mean sleep the way you want. Make yourself comfortable means relax your body and get right bedding for you like if you are hot sleeper get cooling bedding accessories choose from the best types of sheet for hot sleepers. If you have some allergies get hypo-allergenic bedding such as 100% Cotton Sheets

According to the reviews on our Online Store we come to the conclusion that our 100% Egyptian cotton 600 Thread count sheets are the best for people because they are highly breathable, cooling, hypo-allergenic, and durable sheets. And people are loving them, multiple units are sold without any single negative review.  


Reduce your screen time no matter what electronic device is. One hour before going to bed you should keep all your devices away from your reach. Be social but not on social media. It is mostly a waste of time, reduce your screen time. One more reason for turning off all electronic devices is mostly devices come with blue light that doesn’t let us sleep this is the reason why all cars come with a blue light on its dashboard. It doesn’t let us fall asleep during driving at night.


Utilizing more caffeine is not good for you. Intake of caffeine doesn’t let you sleep for 8 hrs properly. If you will sleep then also it will not be proper sleep. In the Evening time, you should avoid coffee or tea.


Develop habit of reading in bed. If you are reading it will force you to sleep and you will sleep too quickly. It is also a good idea to fall asleep quickly.


If you write daily dairy you put your all day in that and it makes you lightheaded. You feel calm and relaxed it makes your night good and lets you fall asleep quickly. Too many people practice it, this is nice idea.


Repetitive prayers are also a very good idea to fall asleep quickly.


If you are not able to sleep you can use sleep enhancement supplements but we suggest trying all the above tricks and techniques to fall asleep instead of utilizing these supplements. Intake of these entire supplements is not a good idea. For fewer days it is ok but in a few days they make you habitual to it and that is more and more harmful for us. Supplements are not bad but especially for sleeping utilizing medicine is not a good idea. In some cases, we have seen that to leave on bad habits people adapt another bad habit that is not the way to live life. Without consulting your physician you are requested not to use any kind of tabs for sleep enhancement. 

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