Best Type of Sheets For Hot Sleepers

By Nitin Hariyani

9 Best Type of Sheets For Hot Sleepers

Do you sweat very much while you sleep? If your answer is yes, then you are a hot sleeper. This is a common problem and generally, most people suffer from the same problem. They may have no idea why this is happening to them. People living in hot and humid climatic regions also experience hot sleep. Sometimes when people use improper bedding accessories they face hot sleeping. Let’s discuss about best type of sheets for hot sleepers and how to get rid of hot sleeping? Choosing right sheets for sleeping will help us to improve our sleep quality.

Best type of sheets for hot sleeper

Cooling sheets are the best for hot sleepers according to the experts. Linen and cotton sheets are the best choices that you can make because they are highly breathable, absorbent, and has the quality of temperature control. Silk, Bamboo, Percale, Spandex, etc are also options if you are a hot sleeper.

Since sleep plays a vital role in our life. A good night with sound sleep is much needed for starting the next day with a fresh mind and a happy mood. In this busy lifestyle, everyone is so engaged in their work that they forget to care about themselves. But one thing you should keep in your mind is that a night of bad sleep is an invitation to major health-related problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, depression, etc. We should take care of it.

List of the best types of sheets for hot sleepers

  1. Cotton Sheets - Cotton sheets are the best for hot sleeper, expert says. Cotton is a natural fabric that has the ability to absorb moisture which results in no sweat. Cotton allows the airflow, so you feel cool while sleeping. It is a soft fabric and gets softer after every wash. Cotton sheets are one of the best type of sheets for hot sleepers.
  2. Linen Sheets - Linen is highly breathable and highly absorbent fabric. Linen sheets you can use if you want solution for hot sleeping. Its moisture-wicking and breathability help in controlling temperature which can help you to get rid of hot sleeping. These sheets are softer and lightweight.
  3. Sateen Sheets - 300-400 TC Sateen sheets are good. Experts suggest that.
  4. Bamboo Sheets - Bamboo sheets are cooling sheets. These are also best option for hot sleepers. These sheets are softer, moisture-wicking, and lightweight. Bamboo is also natural fabric as linen and cotton are.
  5. Silk Sheets - Silk Sheets also good option. Silk is natural fabric also absorbent, breathable and, Antiallergenic like other natural fabric but it cost much comparing to other natural fabrics.
  6. Cotton blend Sheets - If you are looking for cooling sheets then Tencel and cotton blend is also a good choice. Cotton Tencel blend makes the sheets stronger, breathable and smoother. You can also pick the bamboo cotton blend; it is a known fact that blending makes the fabric stronger not only stronger but you get many qualities in by blending. So, when you pick the cotton blend sheets you are getting ultra–durable bedding with many other good qualities at low cost.
  7. Percale Sheets - The cool percale sheets made with 100% Egyptian cotton are super soft and light-weight which makes your sleep comfortable and sweat-free.
  8. Stratus Cooling Sheets – The stratus sheets are more breathable than cotton and are best for hot sleepers. They provide you a soft feel and adopt the fluctuations in your body temperature resulting in a cooler and comfortable sleep.
  9. Spandex sheets – Spandex sheets are a blend of polyester and spandex and it is a fact that blend makes the product smoother and long-lasting. If you are a hot sleeper then these sheets are appropriate for you.

Cooling Sheets are Best Type of Sheets For Hot Sleepers

Cooling sheets are the best type of sheets for hot sleepers or for those who live in hot or humid climate. Cooling sheets can help us to get rid of hot sleeping. Cooling sheets are made to keep us cool during hot nights, these are highly breathable sheets with extra moisture-wicking quality. While you sleep at night they don't trap heat and let it get out through the fabric they are made of. This way we stay cool even on hot nights and in humid climates also. Mostly cooling sheets are made with organic fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, bamboo, etc. Egyptian cotton is mostly used to make cooling sheets and as it is pure organic they don't cause any allergenic problems. Egyptian Cotton fibers are long comparing to other cotton so they create durable fabric also. They allow air to flow pass through so we can intake fresh air and don't get suffocated also. Experts suggest, using 300-400 TC Egyptian cotton sateen sheets is the best option for hot sleepers.  

Why do you feel hot while sleeping?

There can be many reasons behind this. Let's get to know all the reasons in brief:

  1. Room temperature - Room temperature sometimes leads to hot sleep. If your room is too much warmer, you feel problems while sleeping. That is why try to keep your room cooler at the time of sleeping.
  2. Living in a warm climate - If you live in such region which remains warm and humid most of the time, then you feel sweat while sleeping.
  3. Use of polyester bedding - When you use polyester bedding, you feel much warmer as it increases the warmness and restricts the path of airflow resulting in moisture on your whole body. Avoid nylon or polyester bedding.

In spite of all these reasons, there are other reasons also like illness, when you are sick the body temperature rises and you feel hot, hormonal changes, pre-sleep activities, etc. You will get to know about the best type of sheets for hot sleepers below.

What material is best for hot sleepers?

When it comes to the best material for hot sleepers cotton is the best because it is a purely natural fabric with temperature control quality. Cotton sheets are the best cooling sheets and are recommended by the best experts of Aanya Linen. Cotton sheets are highly absorbent they absorb your body sweat and let you sleep comfortably without any disturbance. Aanya Linen is a company that produces bedding accessories of hand-picked cotton and team Aanya Linen is continuously in service for a long time. We sell these cooling sheets in other nations as well along with the USA. And we have thousands and thousands of satisfied customers so, Aanya Linen is a 100% reliable brand who gives the best advice also to their customers. 

What type of sheets sleeps the coolest? 

Cotton Sheets, Linen Sheets, Sateen Sheets, Bamboo Sheets, Silk Sheets, Percale Sheets, Stratus, and Spandex Sheets are the types of sheets that let us sleep the coolest. These all sheets are cooling sheets with has temperature control and highly absorbent behavior. Our team as bedding experts advises people to utilize these sheets in a warm and humid climate or while anyone sleeps hot. Cotton, Linen, and other fabrics in the list are natural fabrics that are not harmful to our nature also as they are bio-degradable. You can also choose to use a cotton blend, Blending is a process through which we get a fabric with features of multiple fabrics. In a cotton blend, you will get multiple qualities in one fabric but this can include synthetic fabric as well (not always)so choose wisely. Best type of sheets for hot sleepers are given above read properly and choose wisely. 

What kind of bedding do you use for hot sleepers?

Cooling sheets are best type of sheets for hot sleepers and experts of the bedding field as well suggest going with cooling sheets like cotton sheets, linen sheets, sateen sheets, etc. They are not so costly even. Still, it goes with the preference of the sleeper but commonly hot sleepers utilize these natural cooling sheets. If you are suffering from hot sleeping, what you are waiting for go and get a pair of cotton or linen sheets it will help you sleep better than before. You can browse Aanya Linen's large collection of bedding accessories. 

    Above we have discussed best sheet types for hot sleepers. Share it with your friends and family; let every hot sleeper know which best sheets are for them. If you want some more information regarding bedding you can comment into the comment section. Your comments are like ice-cream for us and we really love ice-cream.

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