December Colors

By Nitin Hariyani

December Colors - 2023

Blue, Greenish Blue, and Green are December colors. Blue Topaz is the birthstone for December. The turquoise stone is a secondary stone for December. All December colors symbolize Happiness, Prosperity, and Success. Daffodil and poinsettia are December flowers. Blue, Greenish blue, and Green create a great combination of colors so if this December, you are planning to decorate your house with December colors you are absolutely going to have no problem with your decor. 

December is the starting of the winter season and the winter season's colors are blue, red, green, black, and white. You have already painted walls and furniture that you cannot change according to your month’s color but yes… you have so many things that can be changed easily and within the budget as well. Like - curtains, Cushions, Table clothes, bedding accessories, bathing accessories are easy to get and be on a budget. There are many people who believe in the color of the month and change their surrounding colors accordingly. We communicate through colors, we can feel colors. Colors can evoke emotion and can turn your mind swings. This is undeniable that colors have no strong connection with us. There are some psychological effects of color on our mind you can learn why it affects you and how to use it practically CARYL DENNIS says in his book Colorology – The study of the science of color.

December Colors

Colors for December are:

  • Blue,
  • Greenish Blue, and
  • Green



Blue is a color of stability and reliability. Serenity comes to mind while seeing blue color around. It is a calming color that symbolizes depth and is tranquil like an ocean. Blue is one of the primary colors that creates multiple colors and comes in multiple shades. Turquoise is related color to blue and Turquoise is also the color of the December birthstone.


Greenish Blue

Greenish is a color of self-expression that has the capability to communicate with others and represent yourself. Greenish blue is a combination of green and blue, which is a close color to blue and reflects features like blue. It is a color of calmness, peace, silent feelings. Those who believe in color psychology utilize greenish-blue color as a refreshing color. 



Green is the color of spring. It is a universally accepted color of nature. The green color is associated with growth, positivity, taking action, rebirth. Energy, freshness, harmony are those emotions that are associated with green color.  Well, it is universally known for nature and commonly people use this color in their homes to make a refreshing environment. We can have multiple shades in green as well but for December colors green is the color.


What are December’s birthstones?

what are december birthstones

Blue Topaz is the primary birthstone for December. The turquoise stone is a secondary stone for December. Turquoise is nearer to blue so you can utilize turquoise stone, along with it is a symbol of happiness, wealth, and success.

December Birthday Colors

December Birthday Colors

December birthday colors are Blue, Greenish Blue, and Green. Primarily blue is a birthstone color for December and secondary color is turquoise. Tanzanite and Blue Zircon are also gemstones for December. 

Best December wedding colors

  • White, Red, and Green are classic choice no doubt and it is the primary choice for wedding colors. For December you can opt to go with these colors. Here we have more color combinations to go with, in December.
  • White and Ice Blue is also a good combination when it comes to December wedding colors.
  • White and Silver combination can give great look to your wedding.
  • White and Red you can choose.
  • White and Gold is a kind of royal choice.

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