November Colors

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November Colors : 2022

With fall just around the corner, there are many folks out there wondering just what they could do to jazz up their home decor for the coming season. Well, there’s always the paint all the walls and change all the furniture options, but most folks don’t want to go to that extreme. So, what to do? Decorating with November colors may be the perfect option for those who want to freshen up their homes.

November Colors

The Seasons

No matter where you live, there are usually several seasons of the year. Unless you live in Florida or on the equator where the seasons don’t change all that much, you may recognize four distinct seasons. For most of us, that is spring, summer, fall, and winter. Spring consists of growing and green things like grass or flowers. Summer is bright and warm with reds and whites. Fall is usually comprised of more of the earth tones, while winter is usually bedecked in the red and green of the holidays.

What About November Specifically?

  • Some people break it down even further into individual colors for the months of the year. Let’s take a look at November colors you may want to consider.  According to some experts in home decor, November colors include white, gold, and cream. This color scheme is more of a transitional tone, moving from the bright colors of summer and before the full onset of winter.
  • The question is, how can you achieve this specific color scheme without breaking the bank, not to mention all the time one would have to invest in repainting, reupholstering or even buying new furniture to create the look they crave?
  • Well, one way is to use the white, gold and cream as accent pieces.  Think of your living room with gold color throw pillows on the sofa.  How about a duvet cover in white or cream for the bed?  Shams can also be mixed and matched on the bed to give you the color combination that will make you feel comfy and cozy. 
  • If you are not the duvet kind of person, look at patterned comforters that feature the November Color in their scheme? You can add solid colors as accents in throw pillows, shames or furry throws for that added warmth and touch of your own personality.

Conclusion For November Colors

November Colors are those of transition. Going from the hot days of summer to those of the cooler months does not need to be such a shock to the eyes or system when one uses gold, white and cream. There are many different shades of these colors so that if bright gold isn’t a favorite, there are more subtle variations available.  Just keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a fortune, or hire a contractor to make your house the home of your dreams. There is specific color of each month if you want to, you can learn colors of all months. 

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