Belgian Linen Flax

By Nitin Hariyani

Belgian Linen Flax – Pride of My House

Belgian Linen Flax

Decoration of your house and good thing in your house attract people and make them ask how did you get that or from where you did you get that and how much does it cost to have such things into your house. These things in your house increase the luxuriousness of your house. There are so many things to show-off so is Belgian linen flax. I have table clothes, curtains, etc of Belgian flax linen, you as well can have it. It not only looks good but it has many qualities and uses, that makes us use it and we feel nice to use its clothes as well. There so many things that you can have of Belgian linen flax fabric such as Dishtowel, table cloths, quilts, bath sheets, bath towels, shower curtains, crib skirts, bed skirts, blackout curtains, and all bedding accessories. Every above thing is essential for our home and open for all to see. These few things make your home and bed attractive so choose your goods wisely it represents your choice. 

All about Belgian Linen Flax

Belgian flax linen is also known as European flax linen. It is made from a European-grown flax plant which is woven and exported outside Europe most of the time in India and China. The retted plant is exported outside Europe where it goes through spinning, dyeing, weaving procedure. The natural color of Belgian linen flax is grey and taupe. Belgian linen is linen that is grown and made entirely in Belgium. Linen, which is transformed from flax to final product and grown and made entirely in Belgium, known as Belgian linen. And this is the main difference between Belgian linen and Belgian flax linen. There are so many natural fabrics you may have information about but flax is the only natural fabric that is a crop, which is grown, harvested, and cultivated. The Belgian linen flax fabric is legendary and the final products of it are very attractive.

Properties of Belgian Linen Flax

  1. Absorbent: Belgian Flax linen fabric could be great for table cloths and bath sheets as it is highly absorbent. It can absorb 20% water of its weight and we need absorbent clothes on the table and in the bathroom.
  2. Quick Drying: For some weighted clothes or for some special fabrics we need too much time to get it dry and we have to take so much care while drying them but in the case of Belgian flax linen it is no that tough. It dries quickly.
  3. Soft Texture: It is a soft and smooth fabric already and also gets softer with every wash.
  4. Light Weight: It is absolutely lightweight fabric so you can have excellent bedding of it and will not suffer from breathability while sleep.
  5. Allergy free: Belgian flax linen fabric is purely a natural fabric and if you have skin allergies then you don’t have to worry about it, you can use it freely.
  6. A Good Piece of Decoration: I already told you in starting that if you want to show off then you must buy it. It is attractive and cool to have its clothes in our house.
  7. Natural Color: It has two natural colors grey and taupe. Few lesser or higher tons than grey and taupe you will get but I’m sure it will last for a long time as they are natural colors.
  8. Durable: Any clothes made with it is durable so you will not have to invest again and again in similar products.

Is Belgian Flax Linen Soft as other linens?

Yes, Belgian flax linen is a soft and lightweight fabric as compared to other linens. Being soft is one of its qualities and it gets softer after every wash as cotton and regular linen fabric. There are more qualities of it to know, such as, it is neither warm nor cool. We can use it in any season as it has the quality of temperature control. Most people living in a humid climate like to use it. The touch and feel of the Belgian linen flax are so loving. 

Is Belgian linen fabric for clothing?

Ever since I stepped into the clothing industry people started questioning me about clothes, fabric, design, fashion, and trends. I come to know that people are keen to know about fabrics and they care for why they are using so. Once I was addressing a gathering, as I belong from this industry people started asking questions about Belgian linen, then I thought I should come up and tell people through this blog.

So, is Belgian linen fabric for clothing? Yes, of course, Belgian linen fabric is for clothing. You can see all bedding accessories of Belgian linen, Curtains, bed skirts, and many more things because Belgian linen fabric is highly absorbent, durable, and dries quickly.  You can find shirts and other wearing clothes of it as well of Belgian linen fabric because of its extremely impressive qualities such as being absorbent, slubbed texture, quick-drying, etc. You will learn more about its qualities further in this blog.

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