What is Linen Made of?

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What is Linen Made of

What is Linen Made of


There seems to be some confusion in the marketplace when it comes to comparing linen and cotton. Most consumers think of ‘bed linens’ as being either cotton or linen, but the name can be confusing. While both materials come from plant fibers, there is a wide and vast difference between the two.  So, Quick  Answer for What is linen made of? Organically Linen is made from the fibers extracted from the flax plant. India and Europe are one of the biggest finest Linen producing countries. Linen has a very strong fiber quality, Linen having fast-drying Nature as compare to cotton. Linen also has a coolness fabric quality which is perfect for hot summer weather.

  • Flax is an annual crop it takes 100 days from planting to harvesting and grows 3-4 feet in height. Linen is 100% natural, long-lasting & absorbent fabric made from the oldest cultivated crops in the world.
  • It is named an annual, which means it only lives for the growing season. From planting to harvesting it takes about 100 days to mature. In a normal growing season, flax requires little attention. It grows to approximately 3 to 4 feet in height and has shiny green leaves and blue flowers, even though there is a red variety.

what is linen made of

Linen is strong and dry faster than cotton. For this reason, clothing made of the linen fabric has great value due to the heat evaporation in hot and humid climates. The fibers are long and usually pale yellow in color and are about the size of a human hair. This is where the term flaxen-haired comes from when one is talking about pale blond hair. This most complicated topic what is linen made of can be understood now.

Technically, linen is considered a vegetable. There is documentation supporting flax being grown in the warm and humid climes for thousands of years. Not only are the fibers now valuable, but the seeds have recently come to light as a health superpower food.

How does Linen Compare to Cotton?

How does Linen Compare to Cotton?

Let’s start with how they are similar. 

  • Both are made from plant-based material. 
  • Linen and cotton both are all-natural and a renewable source. 
  • Both have cooling effects for hot and humid weather, and both are considered to be a luxury item.

How do they differ? 

  • Linen is lighter but stronger than cotton, but it is also less flexible.
  • When considering what is linen made of, this is not surprising since linen is made from the stalk of the plant.

Conclusion For What is Linen Made of

Flax can be grown in just about every country in the world. It has been used to make fibers and ultimately cloth for over six thousand years. If the fibers are pulled or harvested by hand, it is believed that it produces finer linen than the machine harvest variety.

So now that the secret to what is linen made of is known, look for the handpicked variety for clothes and fine bed linens, sheets, and tablecloths. If you live in a hot and humid climate, a crisp white suit or dress made from the fiber of flax plants will help to keep you cool and comfortable. While the material may feel a bit stiff due to the very nature of the fabric, the more it is worn the less stiff and more pliable it becomes.

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