What is Cotton Made of

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What is Cotton Made of?

What is Cotton Made of

This may seem like a silly question to some, but do you know What is cotton made of? There are so many fabrics out there, a lot of folks are ignorant of what they put in their environment or on their bodies. From man-made chemicals which can contain harmful substances, to natural fabrics, to the cost of material, there are many things out there that the average consumer just doesn’t know.

what is cotton

Okay, so "What is Cotton Made of" - It is composed of pure cellulose, which is a naturally occurring plant polymer. Yes, a plant polymer. Cellulose is a carbohydrate the same as say, bread, and contains a long chain of glucose or sugar molecules.

  • It has been used to make premium lightweight cloth in areas with a hot and humid climate for thousands of years. Ancient Egypt made cotton as early as twelve thousand years BCE. They have found evidence of cotton in Mexican caves which have been carbon-dated to almost 7,000 years ago. These fibers were interwoven with feathers and fur. Amazing!
  • The basics of what is cotton made of are simply this—it is grown on a plant. It is actually the flower of the cotton plant. It looks and feels just like the cotton that comes in some aspirin bottles. In fact, that is exactly what that white fluffy stuff is—cotton. It takes 100 days duration from plantation to harvesting. During this time, it requires little attention if the climate is normal. It is when the harvesting begins that the labor-intensive part comes in.

In Olden Days

In the olden days, cotton was always handpicked, hand combed, hand-spun and hand weaved. With the invention of machines that do the work instead of people, the price of the product has decreased since the amount of human labor is less. Unfortunately, so has the quality of the product, since the mechanization of harvesting can tear and rip the cotton fibers.

The higher quality products are still made from handpicked cotton since the fabric is made from fibers that are intact. They feel smoother and take dye in a more even manner than the machine harvested types. This is also a reason for people choosing bedding accessories of hand picked cotton and you can easily find them into the market or in online bedding accessories store

Quality of Cotton?

It is lightweight. The spaces in between the woven fibers allow air to circulate so that it provides warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. It allows sweat to evaporate quicker in summer to keep the body cooler. Whether it is bed linens or clothing, it is a healthy alternative to man-made materials.


Today we have taken a look of what is cotton made of. A lot of people today do not realize the importance of having a renewable and sustainable source for materials to make everyday items out of. Cotton is also biodegradable, so it will not clog up the landfills forever. So, when it comes to purchasing fabrics for clothes, linens and other household items, It is the prime standout.

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  • Wow, thank you! I knew that silk is composed of protein strands, so I have been researching wool and cotton. I suspected that cotton was a carbohydrate polymer, so thank you for clarifying it for me.

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