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What is a Bed Skirt?

A bed skirt is a decorative bedding thing that increases the decor of your bed. It is also used to prevents settling dust under the bed and also helps us in hiding the box spring part and other material kept under the bed. In this blog, you will learn what is a bed skirt? Why do you need to have bed skirts? And what are those things we should keep in our mind while purchasing a bed skirt? It is important to know your bedding, there are so many things we do not know about them. At least we should know about the thing we are using at our home. Let’s see more about a bed skirt;

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Why you need to have Bed Skirts?

  1. Bed skirt prevents settling dust under the bed: This is the most important reason that why you need to have bed skirts.
  2. It is a good piece of decoration: There are many types of bed skirts are available in the market you can choose which one is perfect to add to your bedding to increase the decoration of your bedroom.
  3. To hide material kept under the bed: We generally keep unwanted or less useful things under the bed. If we are not using bed skirt people will be able to see and it will ruin the decor of your bedroom.
  4. To hide the box spring part: This is another reason that if you are not using a bed skirt your box spring part will be open and it will not look that good. Using a bed skirt you can hide it and also you can make a good-looking bed adding a bed skirt to your bed.

Bed Skit Size Chart


Bed Skirt Size

Twin Size

39” x 75”

Twin XL Size

39” x 80”

Queen Size

60” x 80”

Full Size

54” x 75”

King Size

78” x 80”

California King Size

72” x 84

How to choose a bed skirt?

  1. Size of bed skirt: There are multiple sizes of beds are available in the market so, it is important to have an exact size of a bed skirt. Bed sizes like Cal-King, King, Queen, Twin, Full, Twin XL are available in the market and you must be having one of them. According to the bed size that you have you need to buy a bed skirt.
  2. Drop length of a bed: It is a very important role of a bed skirt to prevent settling dust under the bed so, the bed skirt should hang down enough. The length of a bed skirt should be enough that it could hide the material you have kept under the bed. Before ordering your bed skirt you need to see bed height that from where the bed skirt will hang and till where it ends, it is actually known as the drop length of a bed.
  3. Color of bed skirt: You can have any color bed skirt for your bed but it is important to make color combinations when it comes to decorating your bed and bedroom. There are multiple colors available on the market, choose wisely, make a great combination or choose the matching color. It will make your bed an attractive bed and will also help you in increasing the decoration of your bedroom.
  4. Type of Bed Skirt: Into the market, you can find more than one type of bed skirt. Such as wrap-around bed skirts, ruffled bed skirts, etc. Which one is good for you according to that you can purchase because it is your choice what kind of bed skirt you find appropriate by seeing its style, use, design, etc.

Types of Bed Skirts

Are bed skirts still in style?

Whether it is the 90's or 2021, bed skirts are always a decorative piece for your bedroom and will remain in trend forever because of their other uses. Yes, of course, its style may change over time possibly because now there are many more options available in the market like gathered bed skirts, Multi-Ruffle bed skirts, wrap-around bed skirts. It is up to you what you want to have in your bedroom but yes, you will definitely have a bed skirt for your bed. You can choose from designs, what kind of bed skirt you want but there is no replacement for a bed skit till now. Ultimately bed skirt is in style and will be in style forever until their replacement comes

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