Purpose of Box Spring

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Purpose of Box Spring (Year 2021)

The purpose of Box Spring are as follows; 

  1. Raising the height of the mattress.
  2. It absorbs the shock of impact.
  3. The box spring also helps in reducing the motion that you may feel when you or your partner tosses and turns on the bed.
  4. Making it more manageable to support the back alignment while you sleep.

A night of good and comfortable night sleep is one of the determinants in living a healthy life and having a super productive day. This calls for having the best optimal elements to promote a comfortable night including a stable bed, the right mattress, covers, and box spring. Advancements have been made in all the aspects bringing in the use of box springs.

  • Purpose of Box Spring- The main reason or Purpose of a Box Spring is to raise the sleeping pads tallness, making it more manageable to get in and to make a level and firm structure for the sleeping mattress to lie upon. One of the Purposes of box spring in mattress is to support the back alignment while you are on the bed which helps to sleep more comfortably.
  • The box spring also helps in reducing the motion that you may feel when you or your partner tosses and turns on the bed. Though some people may prefer low profile beds, sitting the mattresses directly on the floor may not be a good idea without taking certain precautions.

Purpose of box spring

Choosing the right mattress is not the only step towards ensuring a comfortable night's sleep that you desire. It also involves getting a box spring pair for the mattress to achieve an optimal sleeping place for you. However, one may overlook the significance of a box spring, or have a dilemma of whether to get one or not due to lack of information about its purpose.

The decision may also be complex to some consumers due to the mystery surrounding the box springs. This article, therefore, covers all about the purpose of a box spring.

What is a Box Spring?

  • A box spring, the foundation, is a base of the bed consisting of a wooden frame that is usually covered in a cloth, and springs or metal rods that provides support to the mattress. It is placed on top of a metal or wooden bed frame that sits on the floor. The box spring is usually the same size as the mattress that it is placed on. The box spring may be used with the mattress even without the support of the underneath frame, where the box spring is mounted directly on casters standing on the floor.
  • Looking into the revolution of box springs, bed-springs were the first rectangular springs, which were cushioned wire-frames that supported the mattress and did not have the wood rims with cloth cover. More and more box springs have been made from wood and covered in fabrics. The wood makes a better system for support of the new advanced latex and foam mattresses.
  • The newest design of box springs is the folding box spring that is made of metal or wood and then covered in a fabric that can fold in half. Box spring goes hand in hand with mattresses and therefore, they are sold in pairs. They are made in different heights due to the increasing height of mattresses so that the pair can maintain a standard height.

Significance Or Purpose of Box Spring

A box spring is basically a foundation that has three primary purposes that include;

  • Raising the height of the mattress which makes it easier to get in and out of bed.
  • It absorbs the shock of impact and therefore reduces the wear of the mattress.
  • It also creates a flat, strong, and firm structure and surface for the mattress to sit on.

Going in detail, the box spring prevents the sagging of the mattress and supports it properly while dispersing the body weight evenly across the foundation. It adds support and absorbs the body weight, therefore, extending the lifespan of the mattress. The box spring also provides warm and artful qualities and provides a softer sleeping surface compared to other platforms. The height makes it easier for you to slide in and out of bed without overexertion.

The box spring, therefore, keeps the mattress off the floor with a standard height and helps to meet the mattress warranty requirements. Most mattress manufacturers' warranty has some requirements that the mattress should be properly supported, and at times they might specify the base that is considered acceptable. A box spring meets most of these warranty requirements.

The mattresses made in the older and two-sided design that can be flipped; this mattresses performance may suffer and wear out rapidly without a box spring. Quality and standard box springs that match the size of the mattress is significant in ensuring optimal performance and lifespan of the mattress.

Box springs are also recommended for collapsible metal frames that have no support for the mattress other than the outer edges. The use of these bed frames without a box spring may not provide the proper support which causes sagging and might even fall to the floor.

Types and Design of Box Springs

Box springs are designed to be standard high profile and low profile designs. A standard high profile box spring is 9 inches, equivalent to 23 cm in height. Low profile box springs, on the other hand, are designed between 5 and 5.5 inches, equivalent to 13 and 14 cm in height. The box springs are made of different types including;

  • Coil Box Springs

These are traditional box frames with wooden frames and coils that evenly spaced throughout the frame. They may not offer the best support especially for the modern mattresses but are usually the best with innerspring mattresses.

  • Zero-Deflection Box Springs

It consists of wooden slats, and at times, they have some wires for more support. They are durable than coil springs and compatible with nearly all modern mattresses.

  • Semi-Flex Box Springs

This is made up of a wooden frame with a metal grid that is above the slats, therefore, giving more support with a bit of flex. They are more suitable for heavier mattresses such as latex and memory foam.

  • Split Box Springs

Split Box Springs comes in two halves to make it easier to move through the house. It is also applicable in tight corners.

Choosing the Most Excellent Box Spring

You should start by choosing the right dimensions in a way that they should be the same dimensions as the mattress so that there is no overhang of the mattress or the box spring is not sticking out. You should make sure that fits the bed frame too. Materials should also be considered. For example, in cases of allergies, box springs with hypo-allergic covers and materials should be considered. You should also choose the best quality for longer services too, under the following considerations.

  • Choose split springs because they are easier to maneuver.
  • Get low-profile box spring to as it decreases the bed height to a standard one.

Many mattresses are also sold in pairs with the box spring. It is, therefore, advisable to get the pair since the pair is perfectly designed to fit each other. Box springs may also wear out over time depending on the quality and type. If you lie down and the box spring rolls towards the middle or feels uneven, this means the box spring is wearing out, and therefore, it may need to be turned in case of loose support or replaced.

Conclusion For Purpose of Box Spring

Significantly, box springs play a vital role and purpose in ensuring a comfortable bed place for you to lay down and rest your body. Box springs are the foundation and base of the bed that consists of a wooden frame that is usually covered in a cloth, and springs or metal rods that provide support to the mattress. 

It is placed on top of a metal or wooden bed frame that sits on the floor, with primary purposes of raising the height of the mattress making it easier to get in and out of bed, absorbing the shock and impact to reduce the wear to the mattress and create a flat and firm structure to the mattress.

 This provides a comfortable place for you to lay down and have a good night's sleep that you desire. Select the right dimensions, quality and type of box spring for optimal performance. You can ask in the comment section or mail us at hello@aanyalinen.com we are always here to help you. To find more similar blogs click here

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