Rash From Bed Sheets

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Rash From Bed Sheets

You too facing rash from the bed sheets, right! There are several people facing the same problem of rashes and trying to get rid of them. In this blog, we will be discussing the problem of rash from bed sheets and how to prevent it. We will also see other points related to it. After having a discussion with several experts and doctors about what I come to know about it, I'll tell you.

Rash from bed sheets

Rash From Bed Sheets

You apply oils and lotions on your body or other cosmetics on your face and fall asleep on your bed. These things do rub off on your bedding sheets and pillows. All these oils, lotions, cosmetics, and dirt that do rub off on your bed sheets allow bacteria and bugs to bread on your sheet. Actually, your bed can be a great breeding ground for bacteria and, above things make your sheet dirty and bacteria grow on your bed. This is the actual problem so change your sheet frequently and wash them regularly. Don’t let your bedding sheet be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Hypoallergenic bed sheets to prevent the rash from bed sheets

Hypoallergenic Sheets

Hypoallergenic sheets are those sheets that don't provide a sophisticated environment for indoor allergens. They have a right-weave structure to eliminate gaps and provide a harsh environment for allergens. Hypoallergenic sheers are naturally resistant to dust particles and mildew and generally made with cotton, silk, etc. Bacteria need a damp and humid atmosphere to grow, they cannot live and grow on airy breathable surfaces. Most hypoallergenic sheets made with cotton, silk, linen, wool, etc. They are natural fabrics and weaving them allows air to pass from one side to another side. Wool has the moisture-wicking quality to keep sheets dry that prevents allergens to grown, but you cannot use them in a humid climate so, opt for cotton and linen they are perfect for all-season sometimes they also known as season-friendly fabrics as we can use them in any season. Some man-made fabrics also can be hypoallergenic but still, they can target our skin and we can face skin diseases because of them. 

Sheets itchy after washing

I’ve seen, when people come to know that they are facing itching or rash problems because of dirty sheets. They wash them and again start using them and again complain that sheets are still itchy even after washing them. Either your sheet is not washed properly or your sheet is not skin-friendly. If your sheet is neat and clean but still you are facing the same problem, kindly change your sheet.

New bed sheet making me itch

I’ve seen so many times that even new bed sheets make us itch. Now you must be thinking that the new bed sheet would be clean so how it can make us itch? But yes, sometimes it happened because it may be a new bed sheet but may not be of a skin-friendly fabric. What are skin-friendly fabrics? Fabrics made from natural resources such as cotton, linen, and silk. These are natural fabrics and skin-friendly fabrics that do not harm your skin and are good for sensitive skin as well. There are so many men-made fabrics, we cannot count on fingers. So, while purchasing a new bed sheet you should see the label on it, what is it made of?

What are the best sheets for sensitive skin?

If anyone has sensitive skin we suggest them to have bedding accessories that are made with natural fabric such as cotton or linen or silk. Your whole body touches your bedding like a pillow, flat sheet or fitted sheet, duvet cover, or comforter. It is better to have all the bedding of natural fabric. As I have a White Sheet Set of Linen that is hypoallergenic, wrinkle-resistant, highly absorbent, and good for sensitive skin. As it is made with 100% linen it does not cause skin problems to my sensitive skin. So be natural and buy natural try to find 100% cotton bedding sheet Set to add to your bedroom. 

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