How to Sleep 8 Hours in 4 Hours

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How to Sleep 8 Hours in 4 Hours? 

There are a few techniques if you are keen to know how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours. Your body is a natural thing and let it function in a natural way. Don’t force it to behave unnaturally and it is not good for you. Give it proper rest. There is no way to cover your full sleep in halftime. If you are a seeker for how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours, you should practice something that will reduce your sleeping time span but not at just half. If you really want to cover your 8 hours sleep in 4 hours, practice the following tips it will increase your sleep quality and will also reduce your time of sleep. Let's see how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours;

How to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours

  1. Relax your body and Mind: There are so many things we can do to relax your mind and body. Practice some yoga steps, light exercise, increase calmness and remove negative thoughts, work on inner engineering. In all the above things, there is so much to learn and so much to do. Meditation is a very important factor that relaxes your mind as well as your body. Sleeping is a task to give rest to your body and brain. Meditation relaxes your body and brain both and it reduces your sleeping time as well and gives a proper shape to your bedtime schedule. It will definitely help you to have a quality sleep and you will refresh in you in a short nap then you will not have to search how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours on Google.
  2. Stop seeing T.V. or using mobile for a long time: Reading how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours is useful, if you won't utilize that saved 4 hours to watch TV or mobile screen. Watching so much television is not good for your eyes and is bad for your health as well. Television reflects too much light that is absolutely not natural so it is OK to watch T.V. for some time but a very bad habit if you are watching it for so long. 
  3. Stop using mobile phones for too long: Same way as a TV, if you are using mobile for a long time it is an unhealthy habit. In the case of TV, we can keep ourselves at distance but in the case of mobile, we are watching it from too close. Your eyes will get tired and will take more time to relax. In order to get 8 hours sleep in 4 hours, you have to leave these bad and unhealthy habits.
  4. Step away from the screen for at least half hour before sleep: If you want to sleep peacefully stop watching television or using your mobile just before going to the bed. Give some time to your eyes to relax and see natural views.
  5. Make proper environment for sleeping: In a sleeping environment, there are two things first is your room and second is your bed. Keep your room enough dark like close windows or doors. Switch off the light and put on all the curtains as well. If you are in a mindset that you want to cover 8 hours of sleep in 4 hours you need to have good bedding as well. We suggest having good bedding accessories that give you a soft touch, don’t hurt you, and help you to have calm and sweet sleep.
  6. Choose a silent room or place for sleeping: Be away from a noisy place. Choose a silent room where nobody can or will disturb you because disturbance between sleeping and noise before sleeping can disturb our mindset to sleep. This way you will not be able to have proper sleep.
  7. Keep yourself happy: As much happy you will keep yourself that much your brain will be relaxed. Give some time to your friends, family. Play with your pet or children’s they make us feel happy or you can choose anything that makes you happy but avoid party or heavy workout.
  8. Prefer light and healthy food before bedtime: Your full body needs to have rest even inner organs like kidneys, liver, intestine, etc. When you get some cut on any part of your body it starts pain it is natural. Same way when you intake something your stomach starts digesting that thing. There are several things to have as food and they take different time periods to get digested. Sleeping is to give your whole body rest that makes your body to get ready for the next day but if you are having too much heavy food it will take too much time to get digest and it means your digestive organs will be working for a long time even if you were sleeping. This way your inner body will not get enough time to rest this is why eat as much light and healthy food you can before going to bed. We suggest giving some time to your body after having food then fall asleep.
  9. Avoid coffee or tea before going to bed: See!! Coffee or tea is to not to sleep and to avoid sleep for some time. Taking them just before going to the bed is not the right thing this way you are wasting your precious time. If you are having tea or coffee before going to the bed it will take time to fall asleep so avoid coffee or tea before going to the bed.
  10. Avoid Drinks or Alcohol: After drinking alcohol you can never have sound sleep because you may be sleeping but your brain will not and for deep sleep your mind need to have rest. If you drink and sleep your body will lay down and your eyes were closed but thoughts in your mind will keep running and will not allow your brain to have proper rest, it will ruin your next day as well.
  11. Keep distractive and disturbing thing away from bed: While going to the bed make sure there is nothing distractive and disturbing thing into the room. This is another thing to keep in mind while sleeping because if you will disturbed between it can disturb and again it can take time to sleep again so things like mobile and such thing away while sleeping until you need.
  12. Make proper bedtime routine: Your bedtime routine is also an important factor and plays a very important role. If you are sleeping daily in different time slots it will confuse your brain and your body will not perform tasks well. For one day or for some days it is ok to go to the bed late but it should not be your habit. A proper bedtime routine is important because sleeping is one of your daily tasks that have to be done on time.
  13. Choose your bedding linens wisely: Your bedding is an essential thing when it comes to sleep. Use environment and skin-friendly fabric. There are multiple types of fabrics available in the market. Get some soft bedding made from natural fabric that doesn't cause skin allergies and that should be highly breathable. It helps us to have a comfortable sleep. 


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