Cotton Vs Viscose

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Cotton Vs Viscose

After Rayon vs cotton let’s see cotton vs viscose. You must be using cotton, viscose, or blend of them at home but do you know the origin of them? There is so much to know about viscose fabric and it is interesting to know how cotton and viscose are made? How they differ from one another?

Cotton Vs Viscose

Cotton VS Viscose:- Cotton is a natural fabric extracted from a plant and viscose is a kind of rayon that is neither natural nor synthetic. It is made from natural things but with chemical processes. A viscose organic liquid is used to make rayon so it is named viscose. There is no chemical process take place while producing cotton but in the case of viscose, it goes from several chemicals and other manufacturing techniques. Viscose is cheap than cotton but it beat cotton and now it is a well-known alternative to silk. People also like to use viscose as an alternative to cotton too because it shares almost all the qualities as features of cotton.

Viscose is neither natural nor synthetic fabric. It is made from wood pulp that is natural and goes through a chemical process. Since 1883 it is in use and produced aiming to get an alternative to silk. You can call it artificial silk and it also shares the same qualities as natural fabrics like silk and cotton.

Cotton is 100% natural fabric and you can call it a crop too. Cotton fibers are extracted from flowers of the cotton plants and without including and chemical process it is sewed into a fabric. It is costly than viscose because it goes from a heavy process that involves human power and the use of machinery to extract fabric from the cotton plant.

Cotton Vs Viscose

Cotton is a natural fabric that is extracted from plants but you cannot call viscose a natural fabric, neither you can call it pure synthetic. Viscose is somewhere between natural and synthetic fabrics. It is regenerated cellulose fibers.

Viscose shares the same qualities and features of cotton, especially those of appearance. It creates a mirror image of cotton. It goes from a chemical process so it can take many qualities on the basis of how it is made.

Comparing to cotton, viscose is low-cost fabrics that have the qualities of cotton and can be used as an alternative to cotton. Viscose is cheap to buy as well as to produce. It is used in almost all the places where cotton could be used. There is a large use of viscose in the textile industry. Dresses for girls, Shirts for Men, jackets, and many more things are in which viscose is used. Coming to cotton is not so cheaper as viscose. It takes too much men's power and machinery power to produce cotton.

Cotton is an eco-friendly fabric and viscose is absolutely not. While reading cotton vs viscose, this is a mandatory point to understand. While producing cotton we go from a process where we produce plants for some time and then we cut it as a crop but in the case of viscose large deforestation takes place. Industries producing viscose wipe out natural forests and damage the ecosystem. Not infrequently but it happens oftentimes. Due to the use of toxic chemicals, it pollutes air and water also they waste so much water that is also not healthy for our ecosystem.

Viscose share the same qualities as cotton areas;

  • Viscose has a fine lustorious look and crisp texture.

  • Viscose absorbent and maintain its shape.

  • It is a light-weight fabric.

  • It is soft to touch.

  • Viscose is breathable too as cotton is.

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