Rayon Vs Cotton

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Rayon Vs Cotton

Perhaps you already know that rayon and cotton are both fabrics in widespread use today. They are used for clothing, bed linens, and other textiles, but have you ever thought about Rayon Vs Cotton when it comes down to brass tacks of how they are made? Read more to find out.

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric and cotton is a natural fabric. When it comes to rayon vs cotton, rayon is more absorbent than cotton. Cotton is insulating fabric but rayon is a non-insulating fabric. Rayon is a fabric that we can use in a humid climate whereas cotton is best to use in a warm climate.

Rayon is weak when wet and the cotton fabric gets stronger when wet. Cotton is more costly than rayon. A very important thing about both the fabrics is, rayon is used in the fashion industry but cotton covers the large sector of the industry even the medical industry uses cotton.

Rayon Vs Cotton

Rayon Vs Cotton Comparison


Fabric rayon is a fiber that is made from cellulose fiber. It is considered a semi-synthetic material and has many different grades that differentiate it from rayon vs cotton. Rayon can be made to mimic the feel and texture of silk, wool, cotton, and even linen. There is a grade so fine, it is called artificial silk.

More About Rayon

Rayon has become common since the cost of cotton has dramatically increased. Although it is a semi-synthetic fiber, it is considered to have all the properties of natural fibers. It can be easily dyed in an array of colors and is also cool, smooth, and absorbent of water and sweat. It is considered a non-insulating fabric, since it does not hold heat, and is good for humid climates.
The downside to rayon is that most clothing needs to be dry-cleaned since washing in hot water can damage the fibers. Some items can be hand washed in cold water, so be sure to check the label for instructions. Rayon also melts easily, is flammable, and cannot be ironed except with a cool iron.


Cotton is grown on a plant. In fact, it a natural fabric made from the seed pods and is pure cellulose in composition. The use of cotton dates back to before written history.

More About Cotton

When you compare rayon vs cotton, you will find that cotton is used in many of the same products as rayon. Cotton is often blended with other fibers to get the maximum benefit. However, cotton is the most used fiber and fabric used in clothing. Keep in mind, however, that cotton tends to wrinkle and can shrink in the wash if not done properly. The wet strength of cotton is important since the fibers get stronger when wet. That is why cotton is used in the medical industry for wound dressings and for the absorption of fluids.
Even though cotton may be expensive (especially the handpicked premium kind), they do work well in bed sheets and bed linens. It is a breathable fabric and has natural anti-microbial properties as well as anti-viral and hypoallergenic. 


Rayon vs cotton fabrics can be debated according to the preference of the customer. They both have good and bad properties, such as cotton’s cost and rayon’s need to be dried cleaned. It all comes down to what you are looking for. Both of these fabrics make an excellent choice for towels, socks, and bed linens. Do keep in mind the expense, upkeep, and uses for both fabrics before making your final decision when it comes to purchasing either product.

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