What is cotton Blend?

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What is a Cotton Blend?

While purchasing sheets or other clothes, like shirts or t-shirts we see the labels on them and we see the word "blend". The thing that comes into our mind is “why blending”? And we use cotton more comparing to other fabrics so I thought to tell you about cotton blend although “what is a cotton blend?” is a question among its end users. People are keen to know about the cotton blend. We must know about its advantages or disadvantages.

What is a cotton blend

Blending is a crucial skill in making the desired fabric. The cotton blend is a fabric that is made with cotton and also contains other fibers in it in a small amount. The cotton blend contains a high amount of cotton fibers and a small number of other fibers such as rayon, polyester, linen, or others. For Example, a bed sheet of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It is to increase or add some special qualities in fabric and to reduce the cost of the final fabric.

Making cotton blends are now a trend that is to give some extra qualities to the fabric sometimes it is to provide extra shrinkage and starch feature to the fabric and sometimes to make it crisper. Blending is done before spinning to get the desired cloth. There is always a ratio in blending like 80:20, 60:40, or anything, that depends on the final qualities we want in a fabric. If you don’t have a good cotton blend, pure 100% cotton sheets and clothes will be better for you. People like to choose microfiber instead of cotton because microfiber is cheaper compared to cotton but if you see cotton vs microfiber, cotton wins the race. 

Why Cotton Blend?

There Are Some Advantages of The Cotton Blend:-

  • Cotton blend is to give long life to the cloth. Mixing of other strong fabric increases the life span of cloth.
  • It is to increase the strength of the fabric.
  • By making blends manufacturers reduce the cost of cloth. Cotton is a rich fabric and reducing 30-40% cotton and adding other poor fabric will reduce its cost. Blending is not all about reducing cost but sometimes it is the best technique to add some more features to the fabric.
  • To get a special texture to touch and feel.
  • To give amazing color to the fabric because it can give a wide range of colors. This way manufacturers make clothes in multiple colors to provide the desired color to the customer.
  • To increase comfort.
  • To make the cloth more absorbent.
  • It also can improve thermal properties.

Disadvantages of Cotton Blend:-

  • The blending will become expensive if the blending is not aimed to reduce the cost of fabric but to add some more good qualities.
  • Holding moisture could be a good feature for a particular season but not for others.
  • The same kind of fibers (not durable fibers) will wear down first and your cloth will become ugly.
  • Problem of shrinkage and stretch. If the fabric is not made aiming to give the feature of shrinkage, this would be a problem.
  • Not surly good for all skins. Sometimes if you add synthetic fibers with cotton, synthetic fibers can harm your skin. Not frequently but, it is not necessary that the fabric came out of the blend, is friendly to your skin.


We have studied in this blog that "what is a cotton blend?" and some more information about the cotton blend such as what are the advantages and disadvantages of the cotton blend. Very soon we will come with other information regarding the same. Your questions force us to provide more and more information about any topic so, comment in our comment section.

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  • For Advocates pure cotton or blended shirts are suitable for rich looking

  • For Advocates pure cotton or blended shirts are suitable for rich looking

  • For Advocates pure cotton or blended shirts are suitable for rich looking

  • Does cotton blend top have to be iron? How are they washed? Thanks

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