What is Split King Sheet

By Nitin Hariyani

What is Split King Sheet

You can’t talk about bedding sheets without considering the bed. There are various sizes of mattresses available today so are bedding. Among the available sizes, the king-size is the largest you can get. King size mattresses measure 76 X 80 inches, making it very comfortable for sleep. The split king sheet offers the same size as the king-size but with slight differences. As the name implies, it is split into two halves to provide a maximum sleep experience for two people. In other words, when you purchase the split king sheet, you get two pieces of sheets about the size of the king-size sheet. The split king bed needs two fitted sheets for your split king mattress or bed and all over the bed is covered with a Flat Sheet.

What is Split King Sheet

To better understand what the split king sheet is, we need to understand the difference between a king-size mattress and a split king mattress.

The Difference Between The King Size Bed and Split King Bed

When it comes to comfort and sleep, the king size mattress offers a lot of sleeping space. The split, on the other hand, allows couples to customize their space. You still don’t understand? Well, let me make it simpler. The king-size mattress is one mattress while the split king is two mattresses joined together.

When you purchase a split king sheet, you get two sheets that are about the size of the king sheet when you measure from side to side.

For couples who love to enjoy their own space and sleep undisturbed, the split king sheets are ideal. Both parties have all the opportunity to maximize and customize their space in whatever ways that seem best to them.

Definition Split King Mattress or Bed

The split king mattress is similar to the king-size bed, with a few exceptions. The split king mattress is two mattresses instead of one. The split king set is also suitable for couples who love to personalize their portion of the sleeping space.

  • The split king ensures that each individual enjoys their comfort without compromising the luxury of the partner. A couple who use the split king is more likely to enjoy better sleep quality than those who use the standard king size.
  • While some people choose to go for two separate XL mattresses, it remains cost-effective to go for the split king mattress option. The split king is easier to transport and enhances better sleep since you can personalize your sleeping conditions.
  • Like the king-size, the split king is very expensive. Split king sheets are also not very easy to find. While many people choose to go for an alternative of two fitted XL sheets, a king-size flat sheet, and a comforter, it is best if you can find a split king sheet for your bed.

Definition King Size Mattress or Bed

  • The king-size mattress, which people often refer to as the eastern king, is the largest bed size measuring 76 X 80 inches. A King-size mattress requires a large space. The ideal room should measure at least 144 inches X 144 inches. When you put two XL mattresses together side by side, the result is equivalent to the king-size mattress.
  • The king-size mattress is perfect for couples who love to share their personal space. The king-size fits well in the master bedroom and looks very luxurious. The downsides to the king size mattress are the weight, which makes it difficult to move. King size mattresses also come at a high price.

How The Split King Adjustable Base

  • There are also adjustable bed frames for the split king mattress. Each sleeper enjoys the privilege of modifying their side of the bed to what best suits them. Using an adjustable base allows you the opportunity to adjust the head and the leg of your bed. There are modern adjustable frames today that you can simply operate using a remote control or a mobile phone app. Nonetheless, there are adjustable bed frames for all sizes of mattresses. However, it is vital to note that they don’t work well with mattress foundations/box spring. Using adjustable frames with a mattress foundation can damage the foundation as well as the adjustable frame.

More Understanding The Split King Sheet Better

  • Split king sheets are the sheets uniquely designed for use with the split king mattress. The split king sheets offer you more benefits than what you get from king size sheets. Split king sheets support all the comfort that comes with the split king mattress. The split king sheets come in a variety of materials to ensure you get what’s preferable for you. They come in cotton, silk, and other kinds of materials.

Major Points when Purchasing a Split King Sheet

It is essential to know that some split sheets are not separated. They rather come with an ingenious design known as a split head. The split head is an ingenious design that is suitable for adjustable beds. One partner can sleep comfortably with head-Sid-up, while the other sleeps at a normal level.

It is also not uncommon to purchase a split king set that comes with:

  • Two XL Twin Sheets 
  • One King-size Flat Sheet 
  • Two King size Pillows 

In this case, there is only a slight difference between the split king sheet and the traditional

king size. Notwithstanding, it is also enough difference to put into consideration when purchasing split king sheets.

Again, it is ideal to go for a more breathable material when purchasing a split sheet. The more breathable the material is, the better the sleep experience. Also, consider the weight of the sheets. Heavier sheets do not always translate to high-quality and comfort. Rather, they can lead to increased discomfort during sleep. Thermos-regulatory fabrics with light-weight are best for relaxation and comfort.

Conclusion For What is Split King Sheets

In the true sense, there are only little differences between the king-size sheet and the split king sheet. However, while you can use the king size sheets for your split king, the reverse usually doesn’t go well. The split kind sheets ensure you enjoy the full benefits of the split king mattress. All the same, where the split king is not available, you can make do with king size sheets.

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