Does Tencel Shrink?

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Does Tencel Shrink?

Before reading about Tencel shrinkage let us know about Tencel fabric that it will be easy to understand does Tencel shrink or not? Tencel is a fabric made from eucalyptus trees. That is an environment-friendly material. Which is made with sustainably-sourced eucalyptus trees, using a unique drying spinning method, using eucalyptus wood pulp.To create wood cellulose fibers, the mixture of the ground pulp and a chemical solvent is pushed through small holes in a spinneret nozzle. Before spinning the cellulose fibers have to go through a chemical process and then finally are woven into a fabric to get a final product such as a sheet, or some clothes.

Does Tencel Shrink

Does Tencel Shrink?

Tencel resists shrinkage but yes if it is not pre-washed it can shrink 3 to 5% in the first wash but after the first wash, it will start to resist shrinkage. Soaking Tencel fabric for long time, washing it at high heat, and drying it in a hot dryer can cause shrinkage. If you deliberately want Tencel to be shrunk you can use hot water but you care about shrinkage in the fabric don't use too hot water while washing it. It dries quickly so you can try air dry instead of the dryer. Tencel is also a wrinkle-free fabric but if you want to touch up, try steam iron. It is known to maintain its shape if care is taken properly. We also suggest seeing a care guide/label on it.

Qualities of Tencel Fabric

It is environment friendly but it is not pure natural fabric it is somewhere between natural or man-made fabric because it has a natural origin but before becoming a fabric it has to go through a chemical process. So technically it is not a purely natural fabric like cotton made but still, it can compete with cotton, like it is more durable than cotton and doesn’t lose shape too soon. Bamboo sheets and tencel sheets are almost similar to each other as they both share shame qualities like moisture-wicking, breathable, soft and smooth, good for hot sleepers, etc. Finally, it is known as regenerated cellulose instead of calling it natural or synthetic fiber. 

  1. Appearance: Tencel is a good looking fabric, it seems like silk. It has the quality of being more wrinkle-free comparing to cotton and looks more beautiful than cotton.
  2. Softness of the fabric: It is soft to touch. It is similar to rayon when it comes to softness.
  3. Durable fabric: Tencel is more durable than cotton. It resists shrinkage and also a wrinkle-free fabric. It has strong fibers so even after so many washes it remains the same. If you are taking its care properly it can last for years. Harsh detergent and hot dryers can harm your tencel sheet so try to give it a gentle wash and let it be with you for years.
  4. Light-Weight: Tencel is absolutely lightweight fabric so you can use it in any way you want.
  5. Breathability: It is a breathable fabric so you can use it while sleeping. Air will be able to flow easily and will prevent heat retention. Tencel fabric has a better cooling feature than comparing to cotton.
  6. Hypoallergenic: It is as soft as cotton and also a skin-friendly fabric. If you are using it as a sheet on your bed or if you are covering your whole body at night or anyway if you touch it, it will not cause any allergies.
  7. Bio-degradable: It goes through the chemical process but still, it is a bio-degradable fabric like cotton and linen, so if you are having a tencel fabric you are having an eco-friendly fabric. If you are a nature lover you can choose to have a tencel fabric.

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