May Colors

By Nitin Hariyani

May Colors: 2023

May month is represented by two colors, these two May Colors are Yellow and Green. Yellow is a cheerful color; yellow is associated with the sun and smiley faces. The green color is associated with nature. Green represents growth, rebirth, and an indication to go ahead or to start something new. The plants, trees, and grass all represent green. Both the May colors have different impacts on the mind and moods of the people. This May, don’t just get satisfied with your existing bedroom’s decor, must add the color of the month yellow or green to your room for a happy life, a happy mood, and for growth in whatever goal you wants to achieve. Yes, it is a fact that colors impact everyone’s life. Some colors have a positive impact while some colors have a negative impact on their lives. Astrologists and colorologist have studied and proved that colors can make a big difference in your day-to-day lifestyle.

May Colors

Add these colors of May yellow and green to your decor this may month. There are only two colors for May Yellow and Green. Both are natural colors and the most used colors for decoration. In the case of bedding linens also you can choose these colors of May month. Like, you can add Yellow Pillows or Sheets or Green Sheets or Green Pillows. Let’s see the list of colors for May month.

List of May Colors for 2023:

  1. Green: The May Color green is a color of freshness. It is associated with Nature. Having green around you is having prosperity around you; we see green in most of nature, in your gardens, lush green landscapes, and parks. Seeing the trees, grass, and plants make us feel relaxed. Green evokes growth, peace, and the beginning of new adventures. There is so much to say about this color. Adding green to your home will make you feel like you are surrounded by nature, greenery, and a calm environment.
  2. Yellow: Yellow is the color of sunshine. The color of May Yellow is hopeful, bright, and cheerful. Yellow enlightens even an ordinary place, if you want a change in the home decor just add some yellow to it, and your home will sparkle. There is something about the yellow color that delights everything. Happiness, a positive mind, a positive attitude, creativity, intellect, and confidence, all are associated with yellow color.

May Birthstone and Color of May Birthstone

May Birthstone is Emerald. Generally, the color of emerald is said to be Green but emerald color lies between green to colorless. Emerald can be in any shade from green to colorless. It is a Vitreous luster stone that's hardness can be 7.5 to 8 depending on purity. This gemstone has special characteristics. It evokes renewal; it’s the perfect color for spring. May birthstone depicts good health and wealth. The word emerald is derived from the word called “smaragdus” which means “Green”. The wearer of May birthstone Emerald is believed to have good luck, energy, loyalty, wealth, and foresight. The may birthstone color Green is loved by women in jewelry pieces like rings, necklaces, earrings, and so on.

Where to have May Colors in Your Home?

It’s not necessary to have all the things according to the colors of May. You can have May color in any part of the home, like on the walls, bedding color can be set to green or yellow, and the wall hangings or decorative items can be changed. You can combine colors for a different look. Add a fitted sheet of yellow color, flat sheet, and pillows of green color to the bed. You will be surprised by the beauty of the bed!! Combining colors is always the best option for bringing a superior change to the bedroom decor. 

May Birth Flowers:

Lily of the Valley and hawthorn are the two may birth flowers.

  1. Lily of the Valley: This may birth flower is of beautiful white color. The fragrant lily of the valley is a symbol of sweetness and a return to happiness.
  2. Hawthorn: The other may birth flower is the Hawthorn plant. It is associated with peace, hope, and extreme joy.

May Wedding Colors:

  1. Illusion Blue and The Peach color is the best combination for May wedding. Set the theme to blue and peach colored accessories like curtains, decorating items will definitely compliment the wedding.
  2. Blush and Green are perfect for May weddings. A combination of light color and dark color always looks beautiful like blush with green.
  3. Light blue and Pink can add royalty to any wedding. The pink color is very popular at weddings, especially for bridesmaid’s dresses and light blue adds a classy touch to the wedding ceremony.
  4. Champagne and Green are another may wedding colors. This color combination is best for May wedding.
  5. Mint and Green compliment any May wedding. The dresses, theme, and whole decor in this shade look just awesome.
Do you want to know about June Colors, June birthstone and many more. Then have a read at our next blog post June Colors.

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