Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

You want your bedroom to look and feel comfortable, peaceful and harmonious. Yet, you aren’t sure what colors to use to achieve this laid-back look. Perhaps choosing the right Feng Shui bedroom colors can help. Don’t know what that is?  Read on to find out.


What is Feng Shui

Chinese and other spiritual traditions believe that wind and water are the two first elements of five that are sacred. Feng Shui is literally translated as ‘wind and water’, so you can see the need to balance their environment with these elements. Feng Shui is also related to the ‘yin and yang’ principle of two opposing forces, being in alignment to bring happiness and peace. The following are some Feng Shui Bedroom colors you may want to consider.

Feng Shui Color: Feng Shui is one of the most reliable parts of life when you think about Home. Colors are one of the precious or essential characters of our life, especially when these colors come according to Feng Shui's bedroom colors.


In the Feng Shui philosophy, pink symbolizes love. A pink bedroom may reignite feelings of love and passion in a relationship. Use only light shades of pink in a bedroom and avoid shades with a red undertone, which can change the energy from yin to yang. Do not use reddish-pink colors in the bedroom if you are prone to insomnia or mental restlessness at night, because red is a stimulating color.


White is the most neutral yin color and may be helpful when decorating a bedroom for resale. And of course, white represents calm confidence. It is often used with more opulent metallic accents of silver or gold to create a serene and poised atmosphere.


Light shades of blue appeal to the person who enjoys using her bedroom as a spiritual retreat. Blue is a yin color that promotes meditation, healing, and relaxation. Feng Shui also associates blue with a sense of exploration and adventure, because the sky and the sea are blue. However, couples who have difficulty with intimate communication or people who are prone to depression should not use blue in the bedroom.


Purple is the yin color most closely related to spiritual awareness. Light, blue-based shades of purple in a bedroom may promote mental and physical healing and spiritual growth. Avoid red-based shades of purple in order to minimize yang energy.

Conclusion For Feng Shui bedroom colors

  • This is just a general guide for choosing Feng Shui bedroom colors for your home. There are many books on the subject, and many home interior designers are now using the principle to bring peace and tranquility into the home.
  • Feng Shui is a philosophy that has been traditionally used for thousands of years. It is can be used to bring peace and love, wealth and prosperity, or many other types of good luck into your home. Giving the possibility a chance can turn your home into a safe and welcoming haven at the end of a long hard day. Find all color bedding sheets here.

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