What is Silk

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What is Silk

We’ve all have heard of the fine fabrics made from silk.  Many people love the luxurious feel of this satiny soft material, but do you really know what silk is?  Today we are going to address the question, what is silk

what is silk


It can mean different things. For instance, the long thin fibers that are seen on corn cobs is called silk, but this is not the kind of silk we are discussing.  In other words, it is a plant fiber not made by animals or insects. It is something that is luxurious and affordable for just about any budget range.

Technically speaking, silk is an animal protein spun by certain types of worms.  These worms are actually raised in captivity and the cocoons they spin is used to make silk threads.  These same threads are then woven into the beautiful and lustrous silk cloth. These clothes can bed bedding accessories or clothes like sari or women wear.

It is probably the finest of all-natural fibers and also one of the strongest.  It has been said that some silks have a stronger tensile or weight-bearing strength than steel.  Regularly used to make garments, home accessories, furnishings, tapestries, and rugs despite its high cost.

When we think of what is silk, we may naturally assume that like most woven fabrics, it is plant-based and can, therefore, be considered a vegan source.  It is not.  Rather, it is an animal product, much like a honeycomb, which honeybees make from fatty substances from their own body.  The comparison of the two will give you a better idea of what is silk when you think of what its source is.

life cycle of silk worm

Decorating with Silk

When you think of it, you may naturally think of its sheets and pillowcases or shams.  That is not unusual since many of the finest sheets made are made from these fibers.  Silk, despite its seemingly delicate and light feel, is actually very strong, holds dye well, and stands up to wear and tear.  It is, however, expensive.

Today, you can find it mixed with other materials, such as cotton, nylon and even polyester, which has the advantage of lower the cost, while keeping the strong points of the two or more fibers which are woven together. 

If you still find it blends a bit rough on the wallet, instead of going for a full set of the sheets or bedspread, why not look for accent pillows, draperies or other smaller pieces that will add color and pizazz to the room you wish to decorate.  You can still have the texture and feel of it in the area but without the high cost.


Pure silk is one of the finest materials in the world.  It has been manufactured and used for centuries, usually by the elite and wealthy classes, simply because they could afford it.  Today, there are silk blends that make it affordable for just about any budget. More Bedding Tips Here.

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