What is Pillow Sham?

By Nitin Hariyani

What is Pillow Sham?

Actually, the dictionary meaning of sham is " False " or " Mask representation of something". People are asking What is a pillow sham? In reality, the pillow shams are generally pillowcase with a decorative design or simple front. The pillow sham can be with a plan surface too. These pillow shams are developed in the early 1700s a pillow sham is made to create pillowcases more beautiful and Decorative for the beds. It is also used to protect your loving pillows.

what is pillow sham

At present time a pillow sham is generally a type of pillowcase/ cover which has an opening in the middle of the back. A pillow sham can be a decorative pillow, and it comes with a plain surface! Because a decorative pillow is not designed to provide you comfort. A pillow sham is just like a cover for the pillow. It can be used to provide you comfort, with amazing looks for your bed! It can be removed and washed, it is not permanent or gets stuck with your pillow. I think it enough for what is pillow sham. Keep scrolling for more details about it.

The pillow shams or bedding shams are generally described in 4 types based on their sizes. Standard Pillow Shams Queen Pillow Shams King Pillow Shams Euro Shams:

  1. Standard Pillow Sham:-

            Size: 20" X 26"

The sham Size for standards Pillows. Fits perfectly with the full and double bed, side by side.

  1. Queen Pillow Sham:

            Size :  20" X 30"

This sham is generally dedicated to queen-sized pillows. Two pillows will comfortably fit side by side on a queen-sized bed.

  1. King Pillow Sham:

            Size :  20" X 40"

This sham is generally dedicated to king-sized pillows. Two pillows will comfortably fit side by side on a king-sized bed.

  1. Euro Sham:

            Size :  26" X 26"

            Size :  32" X 32"

These pillow shams are generally designed for European sized Square pillows. Typically used on king and queen bed, for decorations.

Sizes of Pillow Shams

Advantages of Pillow Shams:-

  • Pillow Protector:- It protects your pillows from getting dirty. Pillows are not made to be washed frequently because they have a filling that can get damaged so, we use pillow shams. 
  • Decorative Piece:- It is a piece of decoration. They are available in various sizes and styles.
  • Cost-Effective:- It is cost-effective as it protects your pillow. If you will wash your pillow, again and again, it will get damaged or color will be faded up. So, what you actually need to do is use pillow sham over it. This way you don't have to throw your pillow.
  • Ease of Maintenance: It is easy to put on them and can also remove them as they are as covers. It is easy to maintain them you can wash them at home without putting many efforts, you can choose dry clean also.

There are many things to read about pillow shams:-

  • Can you sleep on shams?:- As they are decorative, they may have some designs on its surface. Because of them, you may not feel comfortable with them but if they are simple with ruffle or plain surface you can sleep on them.
  • Cost of pillow shams:- The cost of pillow shams depends on three factors, they are Size, Style, and Fabric. Various sizes are available in the market according to the bed size. Styles and the work is done on them to make them designer one can also affect the cost. There is a long list of fabrics are here like silk, linen, satin. The cost of them differs from one another. The type of fiber also, increase and decrease the cost of pillow shams.
  • It comes along with the sheet set. If you want to make a match with the existing decor you can buy them separately hence both way you can purchase them.

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