What is Euro Sham?

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What is Euro Sham? You need To Know Everything About It.

Planning to rearrange your bedroom this season? Too many ideas, too little budget- if that’s the situation, fret not! Nothing is impossible, as everything is. Experts of interior decor suggest upgrading bedding items when it comes to enhancing the master room. Little things can create a great impact to your bedroom. For example, euro shams. Thinking what is euro sham? We are here to help you out!

what is euro sham

What is Euro Sham? 

Euro sham is a squared ornamental pillow that has an opening in the middle of the backside and the standard size of a euro sham is 26" x 26" inches. The main purpose of using euro sham is to give decorative look to your bed so it is placed behind the king, queen-sized pillows. Euro sham is also known as the euro pillow. Now you can get 32" x 32" size shams too. You must be wondering, why the word sham is used instead of a cover or a case

Euro Sham

Euro Sham Size?

Euro sham is also known as the euro pillow and the standard size of the euro pillow is 26"x 26". Euro sham generally comes in 26"x 26" size but now it is also available in 32"x 32" in the market. Any size euro sham is placed behind the king, queen-sized pillows to decorate the bed.

what is euro sham size

Well, according to the dictionary, pillow sham implies a pillow with a false front. Precisely, these are ornamental pillows with removable covers having the openings in the middle of the backside. Here, the fabric remains overlapped slightly to trick the beholders.
Unlike, typical pillowcases, So, if you are inclined towards both comfort and embellishment, filled euro shams are the best options. A couple of euro shams can take your bedroom to the next level by increasing the overall aesthetics. In short, these shams are a lovely accent to upgrade the look of a bedroom.

Everything You Need to Know About Euro Shams to Redefine Your Bedroom!

Tips to consider while buying Euro Sham

Buying euro shams for the first time can be intimidating. Though the size is universal, you need to take care of certain other aspects to have the best purchase. Consider the following tips to enjoy a hassle-free process:

  • Take account of the thread count. Usually, fabrics of lower quality come with a higher thread count. So, pay heed to it. Usually, euro shams of superior quality come with 400 thread count.
  • Secondly, consider the material. If you want to bestow a glamorous look, go for silk shams. On the other hand, if you yearn for subtlety, opt cotton euro shams. Needless to say, both these materials hold up to the test of time for care properly.
  • Experts usually recommend buying at least two shams of brighter shades as these make amazing centerpieces for bedrooms.
  • Lastly, take care of the price. These are not available at a dirt-cheap price but are affordable enough to buy. Secondly, take a look at the guarantee period for better assurance and credibility.
  • Choose your euro sham wisely. Euro Pillow shams used to give decorative look to the bed. Make sure that the euro sham you are purchasing, should make a match with your room or bed decor. 

Arrangement Hacks for bedding sham

Striking the right balance between a comfortable bedding ensemble and ornamentation can be tricky. However, once you are sorted with euro shams, rest is assured. To help you with the arranging methods, here come a few tricks:

  • Choosing a couple of feathers filled shams to sound convenient. This is a good trick to improve the look and comfort of the room at once. The puffs will add a dash of quirkiness for sure.
  • Breaking the stereotypes, you can also use these shams on beds that lack headboards. For instance, add height to the back of the bed, by putting 2 or 3 euro shams. Then place the sleeping pillows in the front for a preppy look.
  • Now coming to the colors and patterns. You should experiment with dark and pastel shades in accordance with the entire interior decor. Opt for light blue, solid steel, and other hues to accentuate the look.

How to Take Care of These Bedding Shams?

It is significant to treasure these bedding accessories to retain the aesthetics of a room. Some of the essential hacks to take good care of the euro shams are given below:

  • Never dip the pillowcase in water along with the fillers. Use the pillowcase separately.
  • Choose the right detergent. You should use something that is mild and devoid of harsh chemicals.
  • Once you are done with the process of rinsing, dry the shams under shade. Avoid exposing them under sunlight, especially the material is of satin, silk or 100% cotton.

Invest in these quirky pillows with mixed patterns and materials to bring prominence to your bedroom decor. There is something extra when it comes to feeling and quality and euro shams are the exemplary pillowcases that can render elegance and comfort at once.

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