While washing linens in a machine take 104°F lukewarm water to wash because high-temperature water can shrink or damage your fabric. Use the gentle cycle and mild detergent to wash linens. Don’t bleach, wring, twist or scrub the fabric. You can use a machine dryer but air dry is the best way for drying linens. 

How To Wash Linens?

By Nitin Hariyani

 How to Wash Linens - Learn Effective Tips 

Linen is a fabric that is loved by one and all for this tenderness and durability. There is another reason behind its popularity. The ease-of-maintenance! It takes zero hassle to cleanse linen items. Experts suggest for How to Wash Linens the fabric gets softer and more resplendent with the number of washes. If cared for properly, linen can last for decades.
How to wash Linens

Nowadays, linen bed sheets are usually machine-made. However, the materials used are still natural. Linen is made up of fibers obtained from the flax plants. This makes the process of cleaning easier. So, are you not sure how to wash linens?

Here comes the list of some handy tips to get the best from your linens Keep Scrolling to Know How to Wash Linens?

Start with the Label

On the label, you can the information about the material and also the instruction on how to wash linens. Before you begin, read the tag that comes with a Linen item. Learn the specifics regarding the following:

  • Temperature setting
  • Use of detergent
  • Dry cleaning or not

Usually, a linen product doesn’t entail dry cleaning. In fact, regular washing seems to be fine for pure linen as it beautifies the fabric rendering a squeaky clean look. Experts usually recommend washing linen items at a temperature of 60°C setting.

For example, if you want to clean a white hemstitched linen item, keep the temperature within 70°C to prevent early wear and tear.

Check Stains on Linens

Linens are always the spots to attract drips, sweats, splashes, and rose! Well, that’s something that happens with every human on earth. Therefore, be smart and look for stains before you wash the same. Don’t forgo even the minor spots and stains as with time, these may become gloomy and drab!

After marking the spots, start with the treatment. The fundamental rule of dealing with the stubborn stains is to ditch harsh chemicals as these weaken the delicate fibers. Apply the mild water-detergent solution for bidding byes to dirt, grease, etc. You may also opt for a mixture of baking soda without affecting the color of dyed linen items. Don't put dark color linens with white or light color linens together. 

Choose the Detergent

"This is the most important part while you want to know how to wash Linens?"

Next is the usage of detergent. Detergents are supposedly one of the most vital needs for efficient cleaning with maximum hygiene. In this context, adhering to mild detergents make the best choice. You can get gentle laundry detergent in the market. Such types apart from taking out dirt and making fibers soft also dissolve seamlessly at all temperatures.

Types of Washes

Here, we mean the method of washing! Considering the flexibility, linen can be washed in the following methods:

    • Hand washHand Wash For linens

If you are opting for hand wash- all you need is a bucket, lukewarm warm and a teaspoon of detergent. After submerging gently swish those linen items. Avoid twisting or scrubbing. Wash until the soapy residues are gone. Once drained, hang to dry.

    • Machine washMachine Wash for linens

Strictly don’t bleach. Secondly, set the temperature of the water. Thirdly, separate the colored linens from the white ones. To get the finest results, opt for a gentle machine cycle and never make the machine overloaded with clothes.

    • Drying ProcedureDrying procedure for linens

Methods for drying the linen items are solemnly your choice. For example, air drying is a viable option as it softens the fabric and also saves electricity. Another basic way is to opt for machine dry the items on low heat. However, experts suggest taking the linens out of the dryer while they are still wet and allow them to dry in the cool breeze to smooth out the wrinkles.

Things to Remember:

After doing the deed, you are not done yet! Apart from the process of rinsing, you should pay heed to something extra. It deals with the caring and storing of your linen. Hence, take note of the following considerations:

    • If you are not planning to use the linen items anytime soon, store them in a cool dry place. Avoid cardboard boxes or plastic bags strictly as wood acids and fumes from polyurethane damage the fabric.
    • Hang the linens on padded hangers to avoid wrinkles after drying and pressing.
    • Furthermore, if you prefer to keep the linens folded, consider refolding them at least once per year to ward off the stress and wrinkles on a particular segment.

Follow all these instructions crafted by the experts to wash and restore the fabric for years. Needless to say, implementing these steps can extend the lifespan for higher grad linens for generations. "If you have some ideas about How to Wash linens? Comment below"


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