What is a quilt

By Nitin Hariyani

What Is A Quilt

It is no secret that millennial turn to the internet for every little thing. So, it is not surprising that you ended up here to find what is a quilt the difference between a quilt, duvet, and comforter! Well, assuming that ‘winter is coming’ and you’ve only a few days to buy these quilts for your new home, it is best if you understand what to look for when you go quilt hunting. Now, whether you’re shopping online, or traverse down the aisle of bedding toppers at malls, you might come across various types of bedding to comfort you on chilly nights. However, understanding which category is for what can be confusing if you’ve not much idea on bedding toppers. Well, this doesn’t have to be a cause of embarrassment! This blog will discuss what is a quilt, the difference between a duvet, comforter, and quilt along with basic tips to buy the later.

A quilt is a unique style of manufacturing combining artistic endeavors. Traditional quilts come in 3 layers. The top layer, the inner batted layer and the bottom, which is crafted by the various fabrics stitched together. Quilt can be used to cover bed but in modern times quilts are used mostly for other purposes like decoration or artistic expression. 

What is a quilt

Problem Solved, Right? So, Let's Begin

What is Quilt, Duvet, Comforter?


As we have discussed that it is a unique style of manufacturing combining artistic endeavors, traditional quilts come in 3 layers. The top layer, the inner batted layer and the bottom, which is crafted by the various fabrics stitched together. The top layer uses a series of complex ornate stitches to conjoin fabrics, while the batting mostly uses solid wool; the bottom is comprised of thick fabric that is sewn together like the top. These stitches are done in unique complicated steps that are often considered an age-old form of art. The various design trends associated with stitched quilts are a log cabin, patchwork, flying geese, double wedding ring, etc. In modern time, we use machines to make these quilts and then we dye colors onto the fabrics. Modern quilts are somewhat less expensive than traditional hand-woven ones. These are further, made of cotton and cotton-like fabrics and are lightweight. So, depending on the level of warmth needed, either opt for a hand-woven authentic quilt or a regular go-to quilt for moderate temperatures.


Duvets are mostly associated with the duvet cover, but these are usually types of comforters. Mostly white in shade and filled with down or synthetic elements, these consist of a cover the fits over the duvet giving the material a clean crisp look and feel. The duvet allows the inner comforter to be protected and can be easily removed during laundry. Additionally, like the comforter the warmth of a duvet is majorly dependent on the amount of filling that is stuffed within it.
Duvets are ideal for those bedrooms with minimalistic styles.


Comforter generally uses down or synthetic substitute to create a thicker bedding topper. Most of these are sewn through or quilted. However, contrary to traditional quilts these are not stitched or patterned ornately.
Most of the comforters are additionally designed depending on the warmth required. Further, comforters use cotton blends, synthetic fabrics or cotton as filling. It makes them warm enough to use in a colder atmosphere.
Well, now that you know the considerable difference between these three, find the quilt form the featured bedding toppers easily.
Moving on,

Tips to Buy a Quilt


Quilts are available both forking and queen-sized beds along with single beds. So, first, find out which is your bed size and then look for a quilt. Which you can use with your bed. If you’re looking for a traditional quilt to match your vintage bed, ensure that you don’t compromise on the budget and buy one which will suit your bed best.


How severe are winters in your locality? The warmth of the quilt will determine the material you need to invest in. If you face moderately cool winters, the best options for you is to invest in synthetic materials, cotton blends, flannel, silk, and cotton. These further, prevent chances of skin rashes while offering cozy warmth.


If you’re looking for a summer bedding topper go for a lighter cotton quilt, for biting winter and fall, a thicker quilt of flannel and silk is a good option.

All in all with these considered the next step is to invest in a reputed brand when it comes to buying a quilt. Only a reputed one will use pure materials that won’t wear or tear easily.

So, do your market research and find the right quilts for your home, depending upon your requirements

If you have any question or suggestion about this blog what is a quilt? comment below. Happy Shopping!

what is a quilt

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