Full Vs Queen Dimensions

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Full Vs Queen Dimensions

In the case of bedding, you will see various bed sizes are popular among us such as King, queen, calking, double. They are smaller or bigger comparing to each other. This blog is for those are searching for full vs queen size bed dimensions. Let's discuss what is its advantages/disadvantages. We will also learn about its size and cost.

The full-size bed often called a double bed, that is 54×75" Inches. A queen-size bed is 60×80" Inches. The full-size bed is smaller and less popular than the Queen sized bed. Generally, a full or double bed is for small space room and one adult or two teenagers can use it but queen size bed is for guest or master room.

Full Vs Queen Dimensions

"Comparison Between Full vs Queen Dimensions and Qualities"

Basis Full Bed Queen Bed
Width in Inches 54" 60"
Length in Inches 75" 80"
Width in Cm 137 152
Length in Cm 191 203
Width for per person 27Inche/68.8Cm 30Inche/76Cm
Popularity The full bed is less popular The queen bed is more popular
Cost For Accessories Accessories of the full bed are cheaper than queen size bedding accessories but expensive than twin size bedding accessories. Accessories of a queen bed are less expensive comparing to kin size bed but more expensive to comparing to twin or full beds.
General Use It is for a small space room. One adult or two teenagers can use this bed comfortably. Generally, people use this bed in guest or smaller master bedroom.
Full Vs Queen Size Bed 54×75" Inches 60×80" Inches
Advantage It is fit for one person who is 5.9 Inch Tall On this bed, 2 tall people or couples can sleep
Disadvantages In some cases, people can find is too small because it is not enough big for two adults Queen size bed provides 30" Inches per person but for regular use, we don't find it comfortable.

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Which Size is the best for You?

Full Vs Queen size bed dimensions

Full Vs Queen size bed dimensions comparison you see before buying a bed but there are several things you should see. In the below list, you will see;

  1. Partner(s) sleep with you – one thing you need to consider before buying a bed is your sleeping partner. You must be sharing your bed in near future or maybe sleeping alone. How many people will be sleeping on a bed is a thing that we need to think about before buying any size bed. If you are going to sleep alone on the bed then it is fine to have a full-size bed but if it is not just you and you will have one more person to sleep with you then definitely, you need to have a queen-size bed. Queen size bed is always better, comparing to a full-size bed for couples. Both the beds are enough long and wide but still, queen size bed feels more spacious than comparing to full-size bed in most cases.
  2. Cost – If you are choosing a full-size bed that is smaller than a queen-size bed you are definitely going to save some money because smaller beds are always cheaper. The cost of a bed depends on the brand but smaller will always be cheaper. Investing in queen size bed will more costly but you will have enough space. While sleeping you will not have to face the problem of space if your pet will come to your bed to sleep.
  3. Versatility – You should think about the upcoming future because a lifespan of a bed is not just one or two years. It will be with you for more than ten to twenty years. Things get changes because 10-20 years is not a small-time span. You may be single now but in the future, you will be a husband. You may not have pets or children today but in the future, this could get change. Overall if you are choosing a full-size bed just because of the cost you are giving up some versatility. If I’m having enough space in my room to keep a queen size bed I will definitely be choosing queen size bed.
  4. Height & Sleep Positions – Height and sleeping positions of sleeper is also a thing that we need to consider while purchasing any size bed. 
  5. Bedroom Dimensions – Bedroom dimensions are also a big factor we need to look for because if you have a small room then it will be difficult to place a queen size bed in your room. If you have a smaller room full bed will allow you to have 15 % more area because a queen bed gives you 15% more surface compared to a full-size bed. If you have a small room choose a full bed that will allow you to keep some extra furniture or decorative things in your bedroom.
  6. Ease of Transport/Installation – Both the beds are manageable if you are talking about transport but the thing you need to understand that where you are going to put the bed in your house. Is it possible to shift the bed from one place to another? Do you have enough big-size doors? Can you manage to take it upstairs? There are the things you need to understand.

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