What experts are saying about body pillow?

By Nitin Hariyani

What experts are saying about body pillow? 

Finding the right pillow defining your sleeping style is like a best solution for your whole tiresome day.What we think of body pillows isn’t at all luxury or a leisurely king sized bed that we imagine in our heads. The age old notion of emperors and rulers having many roller pillows covered with fine linen to provide the utmost of comforts. All this a common man would imagine just because of the daily soaps a typical Indian family watches before going to bed after a day’s hectic work. But add to this, there is a scientific explanation when you think of body pillows, the relaxation a person body goes through when tucking a pillow under your shoulder or the support to your legs, that level of stress and sweet pain we experience is all but a scientific process that our body goes through.

Humans have a truck load of stress throughout a day’s work, it maybe physical, mental and psychological, to cop up with that we relax, and biologically our body repairs itself during the night when we are fast asleep. Our body’s repair mechanism is the most active unit of the body during the wee hours, that’s why it’s said that, an adult needs a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 hours of quality sleep to rejuvenate and revitalize the body and mind.

Some science about sleep

Partially the human body also gets detoxified by the liver and other organs and the lactic acid present in any muscle area which is aching is also drained out during those hours. For this to happen we need body pillows and that is by suspending a particular body part in such a way that gravity does the rest of the work. This body pillow helps to detoxify the body, provide ample amount of oxygen to the muscles, and improves the blood flow to that particular area. All this is done by increased blood flow. Body pillow play a vital role to support your body in times of physical damage or even when normal during muscle tear and soreness.

So, why bodypillow?

When a particular exercise or movement that is done for the first time and the body isn’t quite acquainted when develop a pain in that particular area known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and to relieve this stress and to target the pressure points to release the pain, a physiotherapist recommends body pillows for support. What this does is, it helps in increasing the blood flow to that part of the body also while giving a person a soothing experience of sweet pain that feels like floating in the air.

So basically, bodypillow is nothing but a pillow just like amoeba which takes the shape of your body to lean and support a particular body part. Also, there are many kinds of pillows specially for different body parts say for example shoulder pillow used intensively while travelling while sitting in a position for long hours, without which there could be easy strains on the neck and your neck and shoulder muscle would ache for almost couple of days. All this being said, there is a lot of market and people are being aware of such pillows through social media, such as Facebook and Instagram have played an active role in awareness to the people of body pillows not being a luxury item but a necessity product just like a basic medicine in a first aid box.

Role during pregnancy

Bodypillow is best remedy for relaxation and when it comes to pregnancy, a major problem is related to struggle in sleeping and getting comfortable during sleep. It is used specially to balance the belly and get a better comfort for women as well for baby.

Fusion of fashion with body pillow

Apart from relaxation, bodypillow can be a part of decorative accent for your cozy bed, can say it is a perfect blend of fashion and function of comfort. Helps to align body parts in a trendy manner. Just give a try to comfendy (comfort + Trendy) body pillow online from Aanya Linen and let us know about your experience.


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