What Does Thread Count Mean in Sheets

By Nitin Hariyani

What Does Thread Count Mean in Sheets

Will individuals be more comfortable if they have to pay more for a higher thread count in your Egyptian cotton sheets? Question is What Does Thread Count Mean in Sheets? Well, the instant reply to is, it might help and look good, but your comfort depends on many important factors. Online promotions on a constant basis by some of the leading Egyptian cotton sheets set manufacturers have tried to convince the buyers that if they are ready to pay more for a higher thread count Egyptian bed sheets then, they will get the best quality sheets and a night of more relaxing sleep.

That is the technique they apply to charge you more. But it is way more complicated than that. Scroll below and know what essentially determines the comfort level of your 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

An Honest Focus at What Does Thread Count Mean in Sheets:

Previously, the standard Egyptian bed sheet had a thread count of around 120 (60 running horizontally and 60 vertically). But today, high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets claim a thread count of 400 and even more. Weavers strongly believe that in reality, it is not possible. Technically, the thread count signifies the number which takes up each square inch of your 100 percent cotton sheets sets. And 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets simply cannot be crammed on a loom within that small space. People must realize What does thread count means in sheets while you are paying a great amount on your bed sheets.

Manufacturers usually come up with this thread count number by misleading buyers. It can be because of extra threads and called picks, affixed into the Egyptian cotton bed sheets horizontally. Manufacturers also usually double the thread count if they make use of two-ply thread or quadruple it if they make use of a four-ply thread. Multi-ply thread usage signifies that the cotton used is of low quality.

On What Grounds Should We Choose the Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Thread Count for Attaining 100% Comfort?

Experts strongly believe to strive for choosing around 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, but very few manufacturers produce a top-quality bed sheet. On what grounds one can choose the right and comfortable Egyptian cotton bed sheets:-

  • 1.Purchase Top-Quality Egyptian Cotton:

The quality of the cotton used in your Egyptian cotton sheet sets is one of the most important factors to know how comfortable the bed sheet is. Egyptian cotton bed sheets generate a long strand for threads, which makes it extremely strong, soft, comfortable and durable. As its fibers are longer, they need lesser splices, which means that its threads create an extremely fine yarn to make it naturally softer, look better and stronger.

    • 2.The Right Bed Sheet Weave:

    The weave which is used in your Egyptian cotton sheet sets has a great deal in terms of how they actually feel. Aanya Linen is one of the leading Egyptian cotton bed sheets providers online offering the finest quality 400 TC Egyptian cotton sheets by making use of an excellent weave, which gives it a crisp and stylish finish to make it softer with every wash. Try choosing this type if you like sleeping over a bed sheet giving you a soft feel every time you slumber on it.

    If you are having a problem with What Does Thread Count Mean in Sheets or sleeping on your bed comfortably then, buy 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets online from Aanya Linen and you would surely get that comfort which you have been seeking for since a long time.

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