The Ultimate Guide To body pillow covers

By Nitin Hariyani

 The Ultimate Guide To Body Pillow Covers

The Ultimate Guide To body pillow covers: Check for most of the features listed below before purchasing your body pillowcase cover:


  • Size: The body pillow covers & cases should match perfectly with the dimensions of your pillow. Your body should be kept separate from the body pillow. This will protect your pillow from damage and protect your body from contact with the pillow fabric.


  • Comfort: You should feel satisfied with the texture of the body pillowcase. Move your hands across the fabric and be sure to feel comfortable during contact.


  • Fabric: Always select body pillowcase made of satin cotton. Woven between 300 to 400 threads per square inch. Physiotherapists insist on the use of satin cotton because of its breath ability and softness.


  • Intelligent Textile: The fabric of your body pillowcase must respond to environmental factors. Adapting and/or reacting.


  • Thermoregulation: The fabric must be breathable.


  • Hypoallergenic: Must contain micro porous polymeric membranes that prevent dust accumulation.


  • Antibacterial: It should have antibacterial micro capsules.


  • Anti-shearing: It must be treated to protect the most fragile areas of your skin from the effects of friction.


  • Anti-pilling: The fabric should retain its texture without accumulating residues of fibers that protrude from the fabric.


  • Waterproof: Isolates your body pillow from sweat.


  • Stain Resistant: Protects your body pillow from contact stains.


  • Color: You must have a certificate in color fixation treatment.


  • Design: Choose the one that suits you best.

So don't be overwhelmed, Aanya Linen's body pillowcase cover collection satisfies all your requirements.

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