What is a Bedspread?

In the world of home interior design, there are many names for different things like "Bedspread"What is a Bedspread? You know,  a bedspread is sometimes used interchangeably with the name duvet.  In a way, this is apt because a duvet, technically speaking, is a bed covering.  So, is there really a difference?  In this article, we are going to discuss "what is a bedspread?" and discover if there is a difference.

What is a Bedspread

What is Duvet?

Let’s first look at what many experts are calling the latest trend in bed coverings.  Used in Europe for years, duvets are usually thick pads of either feathers, cotton or some other fibers that go on the bed at as a top covering.  The duvet themselves can be made with colored fabric, but most of them are white and require a covering over them.

There are distinct advantages to this, because the covering can be removed and laundered, while the duvet stays relatively clean. By simply changing the color and design of the covering, we can change the mood of the room. Also, we generally do not use duvets without any other linens. Such as a top sheet.

What is a Bedspread?

What is a bedspread you ask?  A bedspread is a general term used to describe all covers that go on top of the bed.  Such things as comforters, quilts and coverlets also fall into this topic, and they are usually decorative and warming.  They can be thick or thin and come in a variety of fabrics.

When narrowed down, bedspreads are considered to be lightweight covers used in the summer, but they can also be used over blankets and sheets in cold weather.  You can also buy decorative bedspread and come in a variety of fabrics as well.

What experts are saying?

It is experts believe that these days we don't find bedspreads in homes but in hotels, guest room and other more retro decorated themed rooms we can find them.


Today, we have explored the topic of what is a bedspread?  The truth of the matter is, it is up to the user to decide which covering best suits their needs when it comes to using, theme, and preference.  From lightweight chenille of days gone by to the heavier silk and satin bedspreads, they are useful items for many reasons.

The basic quality that most people look for is warmth.  After all, that was the initial use of a bedspread—to provide warmth when one is trying to sleep.  Over the years, the idea has expanded so that now one must consider the color of the covering as well as the use.  Add into all that the fact that there are so many different fabrics

en become confused as to what bedspread suits their needs. Form and function are two ideas which is a must when one is deciding which type of bed covering to use.

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