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The hottest debate among the millennial right now is whether they need to cover their bed with a top sheet or not. In the scenario, when most of them are saying that this feels an extra burden to them, everybody is busy to find out the right answer. Even the researchers are taking their turn to comment on this issue. To find out what is exactly going on you need to know what is a top Sheet.

Definition of Top Sheet

For the uninitiated, the flat sheet under which the bed occupants lie is called the top sheet. Other covers, like the blanket, duvets, and quilts are laid over the top sheet. However, the presence of the top sheet does not let these other covers touch the bed occupant. The Americans generally use the top sheets. Europeans generally use duvet covers in the place of a top sheet.

The Pros of Top Sheet

Preservation of the Duvet Cover

You do not want to wash your duvet covers every now and then. Despite the lengthy washing process, most of the people use duvet covers to amplify the feel of their rooms. As a result, most of the duvet covers are heavily designed or sequined. A regular wash can fade these beautiful covers. The top sheet works as the barrier of the duvet covers. It soaks up all your sweat, make-ups, and moisturizers and do not let the precious duvet covers get dirty.

Regulating Temperature

In the warmer nights, the duvets can be too much for you. In those cases, the top sheet works as the cover that you need. Like an air conditioner, the top sheet catches the cooler air in and gives you a cooled down feeling.

Adds Temperature

In the cold night, top sheets can become the most important piece of bedding for you. The duvets can make you warm surely, but by catching the warm air in, the top sheet creates an extra layer of warmth and coziness.

Soft Textures

The duvet covers can be a bit harsh for your soft skin. Many people love the softness that the top sheet provides. Plus the feeling that you get when you sleep between two crispy clean sheets is hard to beat.

Science Supports Top Sheet

The scientists find the habit of not using top sheet disgusting. According to them, with or without the top sheet, the bed generally is a hotbed for the microscopic life. No matter how clean you are, these bacteria and fungi will build up over time. Using a top sheet and washing it regularly can prevent an impending bacterial infection.

The Cons Of Top Sheet

You Might Be Too Low Maintenance

Keeping a top sheet and washing them regularly is a task that you need to do. This extra burden of work has made the millennial wary of the top sheet. You might also be one of the people who kicks top sheet off the bed each day and is too lazy to make the bed, again and again, each day.

Partner Factor

If your partner is too busy to wash the top sheet and make the bed, then it could be a problem for you. Washing the top sheet regularly and making the bed each day all on your own can make you get rid of the sheet altogether.


The top sheet can work as a trap for some people, especially who toss and turn regularly throughout the night. They get entangled in the top sheet and often experience suffocation. This is one of the popular reasons for the millennial to ditch the top sheet, as they want to move freely and comfortably while they sleep.

Monetary Factor

Another reason to ditch top sheet is the money. The reason is why you should invest in something that creates hindrance in your daily life. So, do you really need the top sheet? Well, that is entirely up to you. However, you might find it useful to keep an extra top sheet around.




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