We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. Thus, it makes sense to consider best bed sheets to buy which is not only comfortable but will also stand the test of time.   However, with some many options out there, the decision-making process might be pretty overwhelming. 

The bed linen should be something which will make you want to crawl into it. Before you proceed with best bed sheets to buy, you have to find out the measurement of the mattress. Even though the top measurements are consistent, it might differ to some extent from one maker to the other. Some might be wider while the others are longer. Make sure that you know what you want before you go out shopping for the best bed sheets to buy. Here are some things that you need to know as you sort through the claims and labels. 

Choose the Store

The major department stores are known to carry the house brands and name-brand sheets. Thus, they offer a wide range of color, patterns, and prices, and quality.  You may have a special linen store close to your house which has a large collection of decorated or embroidered bed sheets.  You can also shop online as there are endless options.  In case you have something specific in mind, you can look around. However, if you are looking for basic sheets, you will come across a good bargain at the discounted store. You are going to have a lot of choices.






best bed sheets to buy


Get to Know About the Thread Count

You should know that thread count is not an indication of quality. Unless it is very expensive and amazing fabric, a high thread count is just a number game, there are some companies that cheat on these numbers by using double twist yarns in the cheaper fabric.  You can use 400 thread counts because it offers a cool and crisp feel.  However, if you like warm, and soft bed, a great stretchy sheet might be just the thing that you need. This is not about the thread count at all.best bed sheets to buy

Select the Material

The kind of material that you choose for the sheets has everything to do with personal preference. Just think about it, it is something that you will use for eight hours in a day.  Hence, you should choose the best that you will be able to afford.  Cotton is the most popular fabric among best bed sheets to buy.  However, there are some people who like non-wrinkling cotton blends. For luxury, go for silk, sateen, or microfiber. In times of chilly winter, flannel is pretty cozy.  You can buy pillowcases in different styles and check out which looks the best. Thereafter, decide if you want the entire set.

best bed sheets to buy

Know About Different Weaves

The way best bed sheets to buy are woven tends to have a direct impact on how it feels.  Percale is lightweight and also tightly woven. Thus, you have cool, crisp, dense weave bedding which will make it wrinkle resistant, resistant to water, and also extra soft.  Some of the other weaves consider lustrous and ultra-soft sateen with a nappy texture that is just perfect for the cold climate. 

Check Out the Patterns

Just like the other elements in the bedroom, the bed sheets you buy have a great part to play in the overall design. You should always go for large, medium, and small scale mix of patterns in the same color.  This is an easy way to start your experiments with prints.

Know About Seasonality

How many best bed sheets to buy, you will need is completely up to you and how often you would need to change things.  However, the sheets which might seem summery might work all the year.  All you have to do is add a coverlet blanket and throw for making the bed cozier for the fall and also the winter months.

Check the Return Policy

It is not easy to know if you will love to sleep on the sheets or not until you try them out. The brands which have internal only sales, will allow you to make returns for various reasons even few months after your purchase.

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