How to Make Bed skirt for Low Profile Box Spring?

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Bed skirt for Low Profile Box Spring-2022

This Bed skirt for low profile box spring can add to the decor of the room. It can hide the unsightly box spring mattresses and hide the old boxes which you have sorted under the bed. Since there are many patterns and designs available, the right bed skirt is going to add style to the room. If you use an elastic bed skirt, you will be able to enjoy several advantages. You can put it on and remove it with complete ease. It stays in place and is pretty easier to make than the conventional bed skirt.

Bed Skirt For Low Profile Box Spring

Suggestions to Make Bed Skirt For Low Profile Box Spring

  1. When you plan to make a bed skirt for low profile box spring, you have to measure from the floor to the top edge of your box spring. You can do this by using a measuring tape for determining the drop or the height the skirt is going to have.
  2.  Also, measure the circumference of the bed simply by measuring around the bed. This way you will be able to determine how long the fabric has to be in order to cover the total circumference of the bed.
  3. You have to add three inches to the number that you have measured as the drop. This extra material is going to create a pocket for the elastic. You have to cut the fabric to ensure the height. Cut the required number of pieces equal to the circumference plus 4 inches.
  4. These four extra inches is going to give you extra sewing fabric. Thereafter, you have to multiply its circumference by two in case you want to make a ruffled bed skirt for low profile box spring. You will need twice as much fabric to get the ruffled look.  
  5. Sew the fabric pieces together till you have a long piece of fabric. Fold the top of your fabric over the back, for creating a pocket so that the elastic goes through. Cut the elastic about 3-4 inches shorter than the bed’s circumference. Use 0.50-0.75 inch elastic. Thinner elastic might be pulled off the bed with the weight of the fabric. Make sure that you insert elastic all the way through the pocket by using a safety pin.  
  6. Sew the ends of the elastic together. Place the bed skirt for low profile box spring over it to check if it is fitting properly. If it is not tight enough then cut off more elastic and also sew the ends again to get a tighter fit. Make sure that you do not sew up the pocket until you have the fit that you want.  
  7. Sew the pockets together. Fold the fabric in half, the outer portion facing in, sew the ends of the fabric together. This will help in making sure that the finished seam is on the inner portion of the bed skirt underneath where no one will be able to see it. Align the bed skirt around box spring.

Hints to Put the Bed Skirt at Your Bed

The Bed skirt for low profile box spring will offer a finished look to your bed. However, you have to make sure that you have installed it in the right manner. Here are some tips that will help you to install the bed skirt on the bed.  

  • For easy installation, remove the mattress and bedding from the box spring or even a lower mattress. Set these aside in a place where it will be easier to maneuver as placing the mattress back on the box without even moving the bed skirt might be quite tricky.
  • If you have to get a neat and finished look, ironing the bed skirt for low profile box spring before installation is important. Pay attention to the pleats or details the bed skirt has as you want it to look clean and crisp.
  • Adjust it carefully so that the edges and the corners fit properly. Try lining the bed skirt seams with the edges of the box spring. 
  • Replace the mattress on top of the box spring or the bottom mattress. Try to lift and place instead of sliding the mattress back in position. This way the bed skirt is going to remain in place. In case someone is helping you, it is better to get one person to hold the bed skirt.
  • Adjust the remaining bed skirt so that it hangs properly.  

Custom Made Bed Skirts of Aanya Linen

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custom made bed skirts for your low profile box spring

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