Bedroom Ideas with Grey walls

Grey tends to work with every other color. No so long ago, a bedroom with grey color was unthinkable.  Brown and beige were the neutrals and grey was taken to be cave-like. However, presently grey has taken a place as the neutral which not only adds a serene sophistication to your bedroom but is also quite versatile to play well with the other colors.  If you are thinking how you will be able to spark up an otherwise grey room, take a look at the bedroom decor described here. Each of them will add a touch of color and still it is just enough.

Set Off the Sizzle with Red

In case you want to add maximum excitement to your neutral room, you are not going to go wrong with a touch of red.  Keep one throw pillow and that is enough even if, you can take the heat up further by adding some extra touches of red in your bedding, artwork, or rug. There is an option of mixing different shades of grey to get a touch of sophistication as bedroom ideas with grey walls.

1.Gray and Peaceful Green

When you consider Bedroom Ideas with Grey walls fresh, cool, and vibrant color are going to convey a vibe of growth, health, and well-being.  Hence, it is the perfect color for the bedroom which relaxes and soothes you. As green works its magic in a surrounding which is otherwise grey and white, you get a tranquil and sophisticated room decor.  When you use green in the form of dramatic wall paper accent wall, it is even better.

2. Grey and White Blends Perfectly

Grey and white for bedroom ideas with grey walls are clean, peaceful, and classic.  If it is not done in the right manner, it can turn out to be a little monotonous. In case you want to make the things a little more playful, you will be able to add loads of patterns. Strong patterns on drapes and area rugs will keep the eye moving throughout the space and also add necessary interest to the monochromatic color.

3.Blue and Grey with a Whimsy Touch

Here is how you can have some fun with grey.  All you have to do is add a dose of polka dots.  This bedroom is going to show the whimsical side with the dots on the curtains and the shams.  Grey color scheme is a soft one but the touch of blue to the bedside collectible, and throw pillow, and in-between blue and grey accent wall at the head of bed is going to add a lot of interest and charm to the bedroom ideas with grey walls.

4.Orange Appeal

If you are planning to light up and otherwise dark room then check out orange. This hue adds a cheerful touch to the bedroom ideas with grey walls. Moreover, it also gives a retro appeal.  It will change the moody gray and dark wood walls in the bedroom into something wonderful.  Orange goes extremely well with any shade of grey. It is bright like yellow but has more depth which makes it strong enough to hold its own against the darkest shade of grey.

5.Different Shades of Grey 

When you work with one color, it is important to add different textures.  You will be able to do this with metal trim, quilted bedding, glass, puckered window treatments, and patterns.  In case you are worried about too much grey in the bedroom feeling that it will make it appear mundane or gloomy, use good accents of white glass or some other texture to add some charm and character to your bedroom ideas with grey walls.

bedroom-ideas-with-grey walls

6. The Power of Purple

Depending on intensity of the shade of purple that you have chosen, its combination with grey is going to make it look sophisticated and subtle.  As purple is a strong color, people use it to accent a neutral bedroom. Simply add a touch of purple in the bedding and give your room a whole new vibe.  

7.Go for Yellow

When the cool and calm grey color meets outgoing and sunny yellow, the result is a bedroom which is soothing and welcoming. A yellow duvet cover and throws are just enough to light up the space in a beautiful manner.




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