Pillows You Can Wash

Everyone has pillows.  There comes a time when one must wonder how to clean them as well.  If the thought of laying your head down on a dirty pillow makes you cringe, read on to find some suggestions that may help you rest easier at night. Here is information about pillows you can wash.

Pillows you can wash

Down Pillows

Some down-filled pillows can be laundered in your home machine in cold water and using a mild detergent.  It is a wise idea to check out the label on the pillow before beginning. This is because once they are wet, some down pillows will never be the same. Pillows you can wash, including down-filled ones, must be dried as well.  If you desire to machine dry a down-filled pillow, be sure to use the lowest heat setting and throw in a clean tennis ball.  This will help the pillow dry faster and retain its original softness and shape.

Polyester Fiber Filled Pillows

Some individuals either can’t afford down fill or they may be allergic to it.  In this case a polyester fiber-filled pillows you can wash maybe your best alternative.  This variety is usually less expensive, non-allergy inducing, and extremely easy to care for. They are made in numerous thicknesses and levels of firmness and have breathable covers from bamboo to cotton.

Many folks use pillow covers. 

If you do, then you need to wash the covers regularly.  The pillows you can wash are kept clean this way, and only need to be washed once or twice a year, unless there is a spill or another source of dirt that soaks through the cover.

As usual, be sure to check that you have pillows you can wash by reading the label attached to the pillow.  Also, check carefully to make sure the outside cover is intact, or if there are tears or holes which need to be mended.  Look for stains that made need to be treated before washing and treat them with the spot remover of your choice.  Using a small soft brush, work the stain remover into the area and allow to sit for approximately 15 minutes.

If you have a top loader, be sure to load two pillows or some extra towels in the machine to keep it balanced.  Front-loaders can do one pillow at a time, but towels can be added. Use cold water and the gentle cycle.  When one cycle is complete run an extra rinse to make sure all detergent is removed.

These pillows can also be hand washed.  Remember to squeeze out the excess water rather than wringing.  It will misshapen your pillow.

To dry, use low heat on the drier and remember to fluff the pillows occasionally.  A couple of clean tennis balls will help too.


Pillows come in all types of materials and forms.  Some can be very expensive but are also an investment in good sleep.  Pillows you can wash are available, but be sure to safeguard your investment by following the manufacturer’s instructions when you decide to home wash this item.

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