What To Do With Old Sheets

What to do with old sheets? How to reuse them with utility and craftsmanship? These are some of the common notions that one goes through in life. A woman needs/or a homemaker (even men in some cases, ki and ka movie to the credit) gets these questions very often. But bed sheets are very versatile and can come handy in day to day’s work. Mostly there is no need to spend any extra bucks behind the home decoration or decor, you get things done in a snap with bedspread on the mind. Bedsheets can be used in the followings ways,

Reused as Curtains

Being a bachelor/spinster there’s no point in spending money on curtain when you stay far away from home, neither it’s a brainier to spot what to do with your old worn old bed sheets? It’s as simple as going and getting it done for your windows as curtains. See remember bed sheets being versatile, I personally do the same, you know reusing it as a curtain.

What about Pajama’s?

Ya, not a bad idea to wear it for your night dresses for sleep if the material of the sheet is light on your skin, see, this again is personal choice and may differ from person to person, some may have allergies, some may find it very heavy and some would make it just the right choice.

Braided cloth for pets!

If you are an animal kind of a person, or just got a new pup at your home, trust me when I say this that, those little rascals may find an urge to bite and tear things in spite of providing them with the dog chewing gum, they would rather prefer destroying your new footwear or a dress. This braided piece of cloth from your sheets can just make your life a little bit easier.

Creative Gift raps?!?!

Actually, this is something that is worth giving a short as the wrapper on the gift would be of a floral print of your bed sheet would only add to the classiness of the gift. This is something sorts of out of the blue, and would go for a better looking presentable gift. Just imagine and give it a try.

Hairbands (gym/sports)

All the girls out there, this can be done as your hair may need something for a support while working out or to soak that sweaty odor. What better than the cotton bedding accessories of your bed. If not for outing, this can be used for indoors also. Hairbands would make it quite compatible as well.

Cloth hangers- what better utility!

Your sheets are going to be your buddy, or probably you may end up buying only bed sheets for future uses. Cloth hangers is a better option to reuse for your household and day to day purposes. Just turn it into a braided cloth and give it a shape of a hanger and you’re ready to go.

All these little life hacks for a simple bed sheet can be quite useful, from our comfort sleeping partner to the “every inch reusable cloth” this is an all multi utility cloth fabric. 

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