So when it comes to colors that soothes to the mind and affects the very nature of human behavior and also the mood we get into for our day to day work. This is affected by our surroundings to what we see and prefer seeing, that being said, the olden European color scheme with that of the Mughals and Arabs preferred colors in the indoors were light and subtle. This was basically done to have various different activities during the days work or activities, E.g. The outing colors where there would be work would be a tad darker than that of the resting rooms or the home for residence. Drawing from the residential rooms to that of queen size sets influence over the mood and psychological aspect of a person.

It’s a well-known fact that the ambience in the room and the colors used for the personal space in the room is very important for the human brain, the trick is how well the colors are used. The most ignored aspect is the use of queen size sheet colors and that’s where we lose the plot. The benefits of using various color combination in your queen size sheet are many:

Grey is one such neutral color that gels with any of the modern colors and also adds to the level of sublime sophistication and makes the surrounding color soak into the mind of the on-lookers. Few decades ago this wouldn’t have been possible to even think, but today grey is a go-to color. 


Add a tinge of red to spice up things a bit, not so much that it looks Gordy but only a little to make look excited, even a red pillow will do the job. If that may be a bother then also red flowers or a red flower vase would make the contrast work wonders in aesthetics. 


If peace is the paramount pre-requisite for the soul and your bedroom is decorated with queen size bed, then no better combination with green and grey, most preferably the wall or the furniture would be better to do with green than the linen itself, if this goes then it would be the best combination after a day’s work for rest on your bed covered with cozy pillows and queen size sheet

White is always good with grey as it is the best possible place for peace, serenity and a subtle bit of emotion, but if not carefully done, then the same choice would backfire and make it look boring, dull and monotonous for your queen size sheet. This also makes the room look neat and well organized with everything being in place and systematic even though it may not be the case, but then that is what white with grey is capable of.


All this put together makes it a good place to be and gives the feeling, alas I’m home and this is my space. My choice combination for colors can be the way to enhances the bedrooms colors.


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