The Ultimate deal on body pillow cases

By Nitin Hariyani

You can find hundreds of pillows made of fiber, feathers or latex on the market. They are designed to induce rest by protecting your face, cervical vertebrae and head. Choosing the right pillow is usually enough to ensure rest. However, one pillow is not enough to ensure a deep sleep. Your best choice is a Guide To Choose Perfect Linen Pillowcases.

body pillow cases

To choose the right pillowcase, you must take into account some characteristics and properties that should be attributed to these bedding's during their manufacture. Some of the most important features:

  1. Size: Check the size of your pillow and confirm that the pillowcase of your choice matches. The function of this bedding is to protect your pillow from the effects of continuous use and that your face does not come into direct contact with the pillow. This is only possible if the fabric covers your pillow.
  2. Comfort: Check that the texture of the fabric is pleasant to the touch of your face and hands.
  3. Fabric: Choose satin cotton fabrics woven from 300 to 400 threads per square inch. Cotton is the choice recommended by specialists for breathable and fresh. The satin finish provides softness and texture that minimizes wrinkles.
  4. Made of Intelligent Textile: Intelligent fabrics give your pillowcase properties that allow it to adapt to environmental changes. Protecting your health and increase the feeling of comfort.
  5. Thermoregulating fabric: It is the breathable property of a fabric responding to temperature fluctuations. Your face will stay fresh all night.
  6. Hypoallergenic Textile: because of the structuring of tissues with micro-porous polymeric membranes that stop the passage of dust particles. It's the end of unpleasant allergies that disrupt your sleep.
  7. Antibacterial film: The tissue must be covered with micro-capsules that are activated in the presence of pathogenic microorganisms eliminating them on contact.
  8. Anti-pilling finish: The fabrics of your pillowcases must have been treated against the formation of spheres derived from the fibers that protrude from the fabric. Your pillowcase should retain its silky, smooth texture throughout its life.
  9. Waterproof fabric: It is essential to protect your pillow from fluids.
  10. Anti-Stain Treatment: Reduces the deterioration of your pillowcase due to sweat stains or caused by  accidents. When washed, this bedding should recover its color and texture integrity.
  11. Color: Must have a certificate in color fixation treatment.
  12. Design: Choose the one that suits you best.

The list seems to be very long, but it can be summed up by that you buy pillowcase made by the brand Aanya Linen. The Perfect Linen Pillowcases on the market.

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