When we buy a sheet set, we hope to receive the same quality in all the pieces of the set. Be already pillowcase, flat sheet or fitted sheet. Generally, we expect all parts made of the same material to have the same durability and strength. And, it is the first mistake that we commit when we buy a sheet set. The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About fitted sheet only.

Although all the pieces in your set of sheets are made with the same fabrics and manufacturing protocols, their use differs from one piece to another. In this case, we mean the fitted sheet. The piece of bedding most susceptible to deterioration is the fitted sheet. It supports our weight and the continuous rubbing with the mattress and our body all night long. For bedding, even those made with the highest quality fabrics, rubbing wear is a proven fact. Your fitted sheet was made in 300 or 400 threads per square inch. This guarantees greater resistance to wear and tear.  But the greater wear of this part compared to the rest of the assembly is inevitable.

extra deep pockets queen sheets, king size fitted sheet onlyFor this reason, the   tendency fashionable and design of bed linens inclines towards the Only navy blue Fitted Sheet  manufacture. It is a strategy that guarantees the consumer that your favorite sheet set has a spare part that it combines perfectly with the set that it is acquiring. The expert designers in bedding's recommend buying an additional fitted sheet when it acquires a sheet set. This tactic that guarantees to it extending the useful life of all your set, even if the piece of which it is used by major intensity deteriorates. 


How many times have we discarded the use of a sheet set for a damaged piece? That will not happen never again. You have now the collection in different size like king and queen fitted sheet created by Aanya Linen. Our mark has created a fitted sheet that you can acquire like the only piece. It is a bonus for the set of leaves that we like the most because it will provide them with a replacement part with the same color and texture.


king size fitted sheet only,extra deep pockets queen sheets




Now then, when we enter the sphere of decoration the possibilities that your Fitted Sheet offers they are infinite. The imagination is the limit. For the most daring, who love to play with the color and re-decorate often your bedroom, they must only replace the fitted sheet of any of your sets and include the piece that you acquired alone. You obtain a sheet set that will renew your bedroom.

If you acquire a fitted sheet as the only piece it must take the same precautions that when you acquire a set. The best advice that we can offer you, is that whenever you buy a sheet set, you should acquire also an additional fitted sheet. This way you will ensure yourself of having the replacement piece that corresponds with the same fabric and color of the set. Not, only it reduces it from enjoying the placid rest that only the bedding made by Aanya Linen can offer you.

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