Polyester Vs Cotton Sheets

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Polyester Vs Cotton Sheets

There is just something about your bed that makes you want to make it as comfortable as possible. There are other things to consider besides just the mattress type you choose, such as what types of fabrics sheets is the most comfortable to sleep under. Cotton and polyester fabric are two of the most dominant types out there, but which is better? To know which is better you should read the blog Polyester vs Cotton Sheets.

Polyester sheets are not natural sheets where cotton sheets are made with natural fiber sheets. Polyester sheets last longer than cotton sheets. Sheets made from polyester are less breathable and it traps moisture and cotton sheets are more breathable also get softer with use.

The polyester sheets are less popular than a cotton sheet when it comes to comfort, people like to use cotton sheets because of its Nature. Polyester sheets are less comfortable where cotton is most comfortable and some people have allergies to polyester, as well.  


Polyester Vs Cotton Sheets: Comparison

To make a knowledgeable decision there are many things to consider. For instance, your lifestyle, the type of materials you like, and even allergies can play into the mix. So, let’s take a look at polyester vs cotton sheets in a side by side comparison.

Material type

Polyester Sheets

Cotton Sheets

Natural Fibers

No, Polyester is Synthetic Fiber

Yes, Cotton is Natural Fiber


More Durable than Cotton

Less Durable than Polyester


Retains shape, tends to pill, some people have allergies to polyester, traps moisture

May shrink slightly, gets softer with use, wicks moisture from the body

Nature of Fabric

Less breathable than cotton

More breathable than Polyester


Less popular than cotton

More popular than Polyester

As you can see from the chart above, there are many differences between polyester vs cotton sheets. Yet we all know that choosing the right product for you and your family’s comfort is necessary to get a restful night’s sleep.

Nature of Cotton Sheets

As a Natural fiber, cotton has a natural antibacterial and antiviral Nature. It is also hypoallergenic so that it helps to keep allergies down while you sleep. Being breathable, cotton sheets can help you stay cooler in warm months, and warmer in cool months. The Cotton sheets always come with the best bedding accessories which are softer for skin and making your body fully relaxed when you on your bed. 

Nature of Polyester Sheets

While polyester can be irritating to sensitive skin, it also tends to generate static electricity. It holds water instead of wicking it away like cotton, plus it tends to pill after long use and frequent washing. It does, however, tend to be longer-lasting than cotton. Polyester Sheets are more durable as compare to cotton sheets.

An Alternative Idea For Polyester Vs Cotton Sheets

  • For those of us on a budget, 100% premium cotton can be rather expensive.  Polyester alone can be uncomfortable due to the thick weave, but it does cost less. So, why not consider a blend of the two?
  • While not as costly as cotton, it does provide a mid range price for this blended fabric. It has all the benefits of both fabrics rolled into one. It is longer lasting than cotton but doesn’t pill or hold moisture like polyester. When it comes down to polyester vs cotton sheets, this blended material may be the best alternative.

Conclusion For Polyester Vs Cotton Sheets

In today’s market, there are many different options for consumers to choose from. It is the wise consumer who does their own research which often means avoiding all the hype and commercials on social media. Today, we have looked at polyester vs cotton sheets in a side by side comparison.

Both have their good point and the downside, but when one is looking for a mid range price on a set of sheets that have all the qualities of both fabrics, there is an alternative. Blended fabric of the two materials may be the best alternative when you consider your lifestyle, taste, preference and amount of care and time you wish to invest.

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