How To Put On a Duvet Cover

By Nitin Hariyani

How To Put On a Duvet Cover

Have you ever bewildered over while how to put on a duvet cover? You must if you have. This is why a majority of people dislike this task in the truest sense. Things tend to get worse when someone tries to prepare the bed real quick.

How To Put On a Duvet Cover

For instance, someone who thinks one is almost done with covering, the next moment the one realizes the corners of covers are lost and are not found any time soon.

This seems to be so relatable, right? We are aware of the frustration that a mere cover brings into your life. Worry not! It is rocket science! All you need to have a bit of patience and a few handy tips to do the deed. Today, We will focus on how to put on a duvet cover in easy methods.

How to put a duvet cover on

How to Put On a Duvet Cover 2021 Latest Trick:

1:- Starting With The Traditional One

Start by placing the duvet flat on the top of your floor or mattress. The immediate step is to turn the duvet cover inside out. Here you need to make sure that the corners are aligned properly. Now, hold the cover and reach for the duvet.

A trick lies in the next step. You need to flip the cover over the duvet and give a shake until the cover falls down. Fluff as much as possible. Taking help from another person makes a good option anyway. Once most of the cover is wrapped in your duvet, stuff the bottom for even distribution. Once done, tie the corners.

2:- Consider the California Roll Way

If you find the earlier method daunting, this process will make the task as easy as possible. Let’s get started!

Put the cover on the bed, turning the inside out. Make sure the opening should be in the opposite to your standing position. Now, place the comforter on the cover. Align the corners of the duvet with its covers with utmost precision to make the further steps easier.

The next step is crucial. Stand away from the opening, roll the duvet and the cover simultaneously. Keep on rolling until the comforter is covered fully. With the enclosure, stuff the bottom to beat up the lump. Lastly, give a few shakes and you are done!

For your information, This easy way to put on a duvet cover was inspired by the art of making sushi in California. Can you now relate?

3:- Tap onto the Nova Style

This can be your last and the best resort! The innovative Nova style. Keep the zipper side up as you place the cover on a flat surface and put the duvet on it. Start with the top corners. We usually advise working on each corner at a time. Once done, stuff the blanket for a uniform distribution. After that, zip it.

The primary benefit with this method is that- you don’t need to worry about those super annoying button closures. You should notice a certain advantage that comes with duvet covers; i.e. these are usually two-fold. So, you can effortlessly swap the cover with the tricks mentioned above. Follow the ways mentioned above and cherish your success!

4:- Something More

A duvet along with its cover is a long-term investment for every homeowner. Therefore, like any bedding accessory, duvet cover also entails maintenance. To ease your pain, our experts have crafted a few tricks for easy cleaning process:

  • Read the tag to learn how to put on a duvet cover easily and all the specific instructions for washing.

  • Secure the snaps to avoid damage. Refastening the snaps also prevent tangling up of the laundry.

  • Choose the right fabric detergent. Avoid anything that is loaded with harmful chemicals. Moreover, you can also consider applying fabric softener before the final rinse.

  • Either opt for machine wash or hand wash as per your convenience. There is no need for dry cleaning.

  • Dry it under shade. You may also opt for spun dry. And lastly, before using it to cover, iron all the creases and wrinkles.

If you are not planning to take the duvet cover back to your bed, make sure to fold it properly. Store it in a place that is absolutely free from moisture. Needless to say, if maintained with the utmost care, a duvet cover lasts a decade for sure!

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