How to Make a Bed Professionally

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How to Make a Bed Professionally

how to make a bed

How to Make a Bed Professionally 

Are you one of those people who cannot leave the house in the morning without making the bed?  There are some people who can just walk out leaving a jumbled mess of bed linens on top of the mattress, but isn’t it so much calmer to actually turn down the bed prior to getting back in it at night?  Besides, a neatly made bed will make your room feel less hectic and filled with chaos and can be the first step in getting a good night’s sleep.  Here are a few tips and pointers on how to make a bed quickly and easily.

Gather your Supplies

  • The simplest way to make a bed is to include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a blanket also don’t forget the top sheet, pillowcases or comforter if you are changing the lines from the mattress out.
  • For added comfort, you can include a mattress pad or cover if allergies are a concern.
  • For an even more layered look, you may want to add decorative items such as throw pillows, pillow shames or a bed skirt.

Remember when it comes to how to make a bed, choose linens that are comfortable, appeal to your sense of taste and style. If you go for the minimum look, that’s okay too. It’s a good idea to keep a spare set so you are never without a fresh set when its time to do laundry.

Remove the Old Linens

  • First of all, remove all the used linens and put them in the laundry.
  • By shaking out any mattress pads, pillows, comforters, and other linens which don’t need to be laundered, you can remove any loose particles.

If the mattress looks dirty, you can either flip it over or vacuum to clean it. If you have a bed skirt which needs laundering, now would be a good time to remove it or replace it with a clean one.

Put on the Bottom Sheet

  • The next step in how to make a bed Professionally is to put on the bottom sheet.
  • If you have a fitted sheet, simply slip the corner pockets over the corners of the mattress and adjust the sheet so that it fits around the mattress completely.
  • If you are using a flat sheet as a bottom sheet, arrange the sheet so that there are approximately 12 inches hangs beyond the top and sides of the pf the bed.
  • Tuck in the sheet at the foot and then at each corner, lift up the sheet at a 45-degree angle. Tuck the bottom edge and then the top. Continue tucking along both sides.

The Top Sheet

  • The top sheet should be placed evenly on the bed.
  • At the top, leave a few inches of sheet to fold over the blanket, or you can place it evenly with the top of the bed.
  • The bottom sides can be made into hospital corners if you wish but leave enough room so that you can get into bed easily.

Add the blanket, duvet or comforter on top of the sheet. Arrange the pillows or other accent pieces and you're done! Follow these instructions and make your bed professionally.

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